Announcing DotWallet for Developers 2.0 Official Launch Includes New API — Badge Tokens

DotWallet for Developers V1.0 was launched in November 2019, marking the official transformation of DotWallet from a single wallet app to a complete digital assets management infrastructure provider. We are the first in the BSV ecosystem to provide professional services for both low-level infrastructure and consumer products. Since the release of V1.0 over a year ago, we’ve introduced various APIs and services including login authorization, single payment orders, automatic payments, saving data on-chain, MerchantAPI, and blockchain information query APIs. At the same time, through our events and promotions, the platform has brought considerable user traffic and revenue to many BSV applications. 

Since its launch, the DotWallet for Developers platform has adhered to a developer-centered approach, with stable and sound technical solutions. Many well-known development teams such as WeatherSV, Twetch, Peergame, Cityonchain, sCrypt, and SatoPlay have established long term cooperation with DotWallet. We have also provided diversified blockchain technology solutions for various traditional enterprises.

Now, in November 2020, one year after the launch of V1.0, we are thrilled to announce:

DotWallet for Developers V2.0 is officially online!


DotWallet for Developers platform has been completely overhauled. Previous features have been upgraded and a new feature ‘Badges’ has been added.

Badges DotWallet x sCrypt

It’s a new token service for developers based on innovative BSV scripting technology. Badges API has been launched by the DotWallet team in cooperation with the sCrypt team. We will soon be releasing the following Badges APIs:

(1) Token creation/issuance:

Developers can create various tokens by themselves. All of the specific description information is written into the blockchain. Developers can add rules by themselves (such as the validity period of the token, or whether it is publicly auditable)

(2) Token transfer:

Tokens can be transferred decentrally without relying on a specific server, thus avoiding a single point of failure. Unlike traditional P2PKH, the token information is recorded in a UTXO script instead of an OP_RETURN script. This enables new business logic and makes sure the UTXO won’t be unintentionally spent. The token information will be synced into blocks, thus avoiding double spends and reorgs.

(3) Token destruction:

The tokens created are transferred back to the issuer for recovery and destruction. The whole process is simple and efficient.

(4) Token query:

Any third-party program that supports this protocol can provide query functions (transaction history, balance, etc.). All records are public and auditable, which mirrors the UTXO transfer process on the blockchain.

This means that many BSV developers can now create various types of tokens or coupons on the platform all by themselves. This enables a variety of consumer use-case scenarios and enriches user experiences. It not only breaks the barriers between offline and online  ecosystems, but enables all kinds of services in daily life. More importantly, it decreases the  centralization and reliance on app providers. Users don’t have to worry about whether the company will shut down or pull an exit scam. They don’t have to worry about misappropriation, because all the information is recorded and traceable on the BSV chain.

The birth of Badges is an important step towards a tokenized world, and the first promising cooperative between the sCrypt and DotWallet teams.

Automatic Payments API

Automatic Payments API (formerly automatic micropayments API), Full upgrade:

(1) Added support for BTC and ETH payments.

(2) Developers can check users’ automatic payments account balance.

Single Payment Order API

(1) Added support for BTC and ETH payments.

(2) Added support for the DotWallet Pro native app. Now users can choose to pay with their Pro or DotWallet Web account.

Support for Merchant API 1.1.0

Upgraded mAPI support to Merchant 1.1.0. Improved support for developers who need to make a large number of requests. With just one request, developers can now query transactions in batches. Change details:

(1) Added API endpoint to accept batch calls for a large number of transactions.

(2) Added ZMQ to the monitoring node.

(3) Query Transaction Status now returns TXID.

(4) Strengthened services, refactored and upgraded dependencies.

In addition, this revision also focused on optimizing the following aspects


(1) A more standardized and friendly documentation reading experience:

The categorization of API endpoints is now clearer, and each API call now includes a “request/response example”. It’s simple and easy to understand and greatly reduces training and communication costs.

(2) A more secure and unified API authentication method:

Based on Oauth2, it provides developers with a secure and unified API authentication method. There are two main authentication tokens, one for developer/app access right and one for user privileges. The format for requesting and using these two tokens has now been standardized.

(3) Safer and more stable API endpoint service:

All APIs have been fully tested by the team to fully guarantee the high availability of services. We have 24/7 uptime and prompt service, responding to various types of problems and needs anytime, anywhere.

(4) Faster API endpoint response:

The new server configuration has doubled the access speed of all API endpoints.

(5) More abundant and diverse API endpoint functions:

The APIs are now more user friendly. The operation is simpler, and the functions are more powerful.

DotWallet Developers Platform 2.0 is now online

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In order to reserve sufficient cooperation time for all developers, the open platform 2.0 API is also compatible with the old version.

All currently connected services are not affected by this upgrade. At the same time, developers are also requested to arrange time to connect to the new version of the API as soon as possible. We will completely shut down the old version service after June 30, 2021.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

WeChat ID: Mempool-q
Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @Elvira1106

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