Amazon looking to integrate advertising data using blockchain

The world’s largest online retailer is jumping deeper into the blockchain technology world, seeking to integrate parts of their advertising business using this technology. According to a recent advertisement posted on LinkedIn, Amazon is looking for a senior software engineer to join their “Advertising FinTech team focused on a Blockchain ledger” according to the job listing.

The team will be based in Boulder, Colorado, and will be focused on building a billing and reconciliation system that will help to provide greater transparency across international borders. According to the listing, “This is an opportunity to define a technology architectural direction of a greenfield area for Amazon’s advertising business using Blockchain technology.”

While Amazon is looking to create this system using blockchain technology, little information is provided as to exactly what kind of platform or system the company looks to develop. When asked to provide further details, a spokesman for the online retail giant explained that there is nothing “to share at this time.”

Amazon has already been using blockchain technology in one of its services. The blockchain team at Amazon has built a proprietary blockchain platform known as the Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB). Along with AWS’ Managed Blockchain services, they are able to connect with Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric.

Currently, cryptocurrency blockchain systems show the addresses of money that is sent and received, how much money was involved in the transaction, and when that transaction occurred. Now the adtech program will be able to provide similar information for their advertising systems. It is unknown whether they will roll out a blockchain-based advertising reconciliation platform as well.

“We have a very long and healthy tradition of bringing forward internally developed projects at Amazon,” explained Rahul Pathak, general manager of AWS Managed Blockchain.

Amazon joins a growing number of companies who have used blockchain technology to help simplify their systems. Goldman Sachs was recently looking for senior project developers and software engineers to assist with their digital asset project. Payment giant MasterCard has also been looking to hire blockchain professionals, hiring a group of executives for their new wallet and crypto-asset projects.

Those who are interested in applying for the position can click on the ad posted on LinkedIn or can visit the website. There, potential candidates can find qualifications required as well as additional information related to the position.

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