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Amazon is building an AI search experience

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is the latest big tech giant to make artificial intelligence (AI) a crucial part of its strategy, with reports that it’s reimagining its services with an interactive experience powered by AI.

As revealed through job postings within the past month, the company seeks to hire engineers to revamp its platform as the race to become an AI powerhouse heats up. The postings, first spotted by Bloomberg, said the company is “reimagining Amazon Search with an interactive conversational experience.”

Amazon intends to deliver this new experience right away. “This will be a once-in-a-generation transformation for Search,” it said in a listing for a senior software development engineer.

In another listing for “Sr Technical Program Manager,” the company stated, “We are working on a new AI-first initiative to re-architect and reinvent the way we do search through the use of extremely large scale next-generation deep learning techniques.”

A “Sr SDE, Machine Learning (ML), Amazon Search” listing best conveys the e-commerce giant’s AI ambitions.

“We are reimagining Amazon Search with an interactive conversational experience that helps you find answers to product questions, perform product comparisons, receive personalized product suggestions, and so much more, to easily find the perfect product for your needs,” the listing states.

Amazon is the biggest player in the product search sector. More than half of U.S. shoppers start their product search on Amazon—more than those who turn to Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL)—one study found.

However, a search on Amazon yields dozens of products interspaced by ads. These ads have become one of the key complaints by Amazon shoppers.

AI could change the search interface completely. Using AI, Amazon could answer users’ queries and searches more directly. Think of searching for the best toasters and getting customized responses, including recommendations from high-authority sites and industry heavyweights.

While Amazon is clearly turning to AI to stay competitive, the company remains tight-lipped about its plans.

“We are significantly investing in generative AI across all of our businesses,” is all Amazon spokesperson Keri Bertolino could reveal when asked about the listings.

As AI becomes a key strategy for most companies, concerns over the use, security, and privacy of data are becoming rife. Blockchain technology could solve most of the challenges by offering data authenticity, allowing data owners to get paid for its use through micropayments, and creating accountability as abuse of AI to spread lies and propaganda rises.

In order for artificial intelligence (AI) to work right within the law and thrive in the face of growing challenges, it needs to integrate an enterprise blockchain system that ensures data input quality and ownership—allowing it to keep data safe while also guaranteeing the immutability of data. Check out CoinGeek’s coverage on this emerging tech to learn more why Enterprise blockchain will be the backbone of AI.

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