Warren Joseph Moises

AllSchool founder Warren Joseph Moises sees blockchain as the future for education

Educational certificates or diplomas are probably among the most faked documents in the Philippines. Document forgery is so prevalent that there is a place in Manila that offers custom counterfeit documents at a cheap price.

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How can we stop fake documents from circulating? Warren Joseph Moises of AllSchool sees blockchain as a primary solution, he explained to CoinGeek Backstage on the sidelines of the first Block Dojo Philippines Bootcamp last January.

AllSchool is an edutech startup offering an all-in-one digital campus solution that aims to automate the education and learning management system process.

Moises has been in the education sector for over 30 years, providing services for local and international schools. He thinks that with the help of emerging technologies like blockchain, the education system will improve and become more efficient.

“Blockchain will offer us the concerns, security, and safety of the students and the school, including, of course, student records,” he noted.

In terms of application, Moises explained that AllSchool will utilize blockchain technology to issue and verify student records—thanks to its immutable design and timestamp features, the technology can determine if any digital documents are fake or have been tampered with.

“Student records, safety and security, [is a] side issue and valid concern by school owners, students, and teachers. So, having their records put on blockchain will help in that matter. We reduce the cost of operation. Repetitive tasks would be eliminated. And, of course, the issue of data privacy would be addressed,” Moises explained.

“Blockchain that would be applied to student records would help in the issuance and verification of the documents. Would it be a fake document or a tampered document so that stakeholders can verify it themselves,” the AllSchool founder added. 

When asked if academes and educators would be open to using blockchain, Moises gave a definite yes as he acknowledges that this technology will be the future and industry standard not just for schools but hopefully for government agencies as well.

AllSchool is part of the Block Dojo Philippines’ first cohort. Block Dojo Philippines is the regional arm of Block Dojo U.K. The incubator program seeks early-stage startups, accelerates their businesses with extensive training, and provides them access to investing funding rounds.

“Block Dojo has the structure and the clarity to define what we’re currently doing and help us in the deep understanding of who we are and what our purpose is. And the technology itself is new. We want to be the first in the market to use blockchain in the education system,” Moises said.

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