Ahmed Yousif at Digital Nigeria

Ahmed Yousif at Digital Nigeria: It’s time to build our own

Africa has the youngest population worldwide, with United Nations data revealing that 70% of the continent is below the age of 30. This makes the region a prime location for technology adoption, and as Ahmed Yousif pointed out in his presentation at the recent Digital Nigeria International Conference, it’s time for the youth to build their own on the blockchain.

We live in a world of data, and with every other action we take in our daily lives, some form of data is generated and stored. This data is collectively used to make important decisions that impact our lives, from policy to product offerings. Blockchain is changing how we collect and store this data, making it immutable and verifiable, Ahmed told the thousands of attendees at the event.

As the lead for the BSV Blockchain for Government Initiative in the Middle East, Ahmed has been working with several governments to integrate the Bitcoin SV enterprise blockchain into their networks. Working with BSV Hub’s Muhammad Anjum and others, he has initiated key projects in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Bahrain, South Sudan, and more.

Nigeria can just as easily catch up with these advanced peers in blockchain advancements, Ahmed told the attendees. The country has shown the willingness to integrate blockchain, with the President Muhammad Buhari government engaged in several initiatives exploring blockchain feasibility in governance.

The Middle East has already established itself as the blockchain capital of the world, with the government, private enterprises, and academia all coming together to foster the adoption of the technology. Ahmed believes that the same strategy the Middle East has used to leap ahead in blockchain adoption can also be successfully applied in Nigeria. 

With most of Africa’s population being young people, Ahmed believes that it’s time for the continent to stop depending on the West and build its own. 

“Already, many prototypes and products are being built, but we want to see more of these coming out of Nigeria, coming out of Africa,” he stated.

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