Affiliate Marketing Podcast: Calvin Ayre, Becky Liggero talk why iGaming future looks great with blockchain

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Lee-Ann Johnstone caught up with Calvin Ayre and Becky Liggero for the Affiliate Marketing Podcast, discussing the role of blockchain technology in the iGaming sector, and why the future looks bright for affiliates and affiliate program managers.

Calvin Ayre, a venture capitalist and founder of the Ayre Group and CoinGeek, was introduced as one of the forefathers of iGaming. He began by discussing the blockchain space, and how it was shaping up to address the needs of iGaming, and other industries more broadly.

Ayre said his mission was to educate people in the gaming space about what they can do with the Bitcoin protocol. Bitcoin was originally designed as P2P cash, but it is so much more than that. Unfortunately, Ayre said the technology was subsequently hijacked by the BTC community, which took it in the wrong direction, towards a speculative, unfunctional digital currency.

BSV on the other hand is not primarily a digital currency, and doesn’t rely on a speculative exchange model. Instead, it focuses on the original protocol envisaged by Dr. Craig Wright, which allows for unbounded scaling, cheap transactions and fast settlement. Ayre said he wanted to inform the gaming industry about how they can use the BSV enterprise blockchain to make their businesses more effective and efficient—yes, for payments, but more considerably, for every area of their business. It is primarily the data management aspects of the technology that make it so valuable.

The technology penetrates the entire ecosystem, allowing for greater sharing, greater control and monetization of data. It is fast, private and secure, but not anonymous—a key detail Ayre sees as crucial to its long-term success. The protocol is the plumbing that allows developers to build on a more efficient platform.

Currently in monetizing content, it’s either advertising or subscriptions. The BSV blockchain allows for micropayments, giving rise to a much wider scope of models for media. Taking this idea to its conclusion, Ayre said countries could even run their treasury on BSV network, due to the scalability, the immutability and the efficiency inherent in the network.

Scaling is what allows the ultimate creation of value in the network. The Internet is the model the Bitcoin protocol is aiming at. The technology has the ability to scale everything, and Ayre said he believes there will be a layer on top of the Internet allowing for transactions over the Metanet. Money is going digital through BSV, as is data, with the power of BSV ready to win the day.

Craig Wright said scaling solves all problems, and the only platform that is capable of doing that is the BSV blockchain. Ayre said don’t build on other platforms, because you will ultimately need to move to find scale. Instead, it’s only BSV that is capable of handling the scaling needs of enterprises.

The discussion turned to Bitcoin SV Academy, designed to provide an introduction to developing on BSV network. Becky Liggero said she was personally working through the course materials, which had provided her with a much better understanding of how BSV works, and the type of functions that can be built on the protocol.

For the gambling industry, she said it was important to gain this understanding and insight of BSV network, to be in a better position to take advantage of the technology and its benefits.

Johnstone concluded in agreement, noting that affiliate managers need to get a better handle on the technology, which is already beginning to change the industry, and will certainly overhaul how affiliate programs work in the future.

Listen to the Affiliate Marketing Podcast with Calvin Ayre and Becky Liggero here.

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