AdvisorShares launches ETF for blockchain and cloud computing firms

AdvisorShares has announced that it will launch an exchange-traded fund (ETF) focusing on fast-growing tech companies. The ETF will track companies dealing in cloud computing and blockchain technologies. As the company stated in its press release, companies utilizing these two emerging technologies are expected to register great profitability in the near future.

The ETF will be actively managed by Sabretooth Advisors, a firm with which AdvisorShares has partnered with in the past. Scott Freeze, the firm’s chief investment officer, will be in charge of the new fund. The two investment firms have partnered in the past to launch the New Tech and Media ETF (NYSE Ticker: FNG) which Sabretooth actively manages. FNG tracks fast-growing media and tech companies, especially in social media and internet retail.

The new ETF (NYSE Ticker: BKCH) comes with a 0.85 percent expense ratio. This is the percentage it will cost an investor to invest in the ETF annually. It will invest in American depository receipts and listed equities of cloud and blockchain companies. The two firms expressed their belief that these two technologies represent the future of the information exchange and record keeping. This delivers a “durable investment theme” for long-term performance, Scott Freeze said.

He added:

“The investment thesis for BKCH holds that companies utilizing cloud computing and digital companies implementing emerging technology like blockchain can realize increased profitability and appreciation in stock prices over an extended time horizon.”

A Maturing Industry

This is the latest in what is turning out to be a popular investment field for deep-pocketed investors. The emergence of ETFs is a clear sign that institutional investors believe blockchain companies represent the next growth frontier. With such regulated investment methods, there’s also likely to be much less fraud and scams, a sign of maturity for the industry.

While the BKCH ETF is certainly welcome, the crypto and blockchain industry is yet to have a crypto ETF approved by the SEC. The commission has received several requests for an ETF, but it has shot them all down. The main hindrance has been the unregulated nature of the crypto industry. According to the SEC, the crypto industry is still prone to manipulation and until this is stamped out, a crypto ETF won’t be forthcoming.

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