A website emerges for studying and researching BSV

A website emerges for studying and researching BSV

There’s a lot of information floating around the web about different cryptocurrencies, different blockchains, etc. and it is sometimes difficult to know what is accurate and what isn’t. Until a BS meter for websites can be created, the Internet community will have to do its own policing and work at trying to keep the erroneous information out of the public eye. Every now and then, a site pops up that has the ability to instill confidence in the veracity of the information it provides, and this is the case of a new website that has been developed for Bitcoin SV (BSV), the original Bitcoin. 

BSVlinks.com is, according to its creator, a “compiled list of articles, videos, and websites in general, that may help people in the cryptocurrency space when studying and researching about Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV).” It offers an incredibly wide range of subject related to BSV and can help anyone—and everyone—improve their edification on the topic. 

The site makes it easy to find data on a variety of BSV-related topics. It offers links to videos such as “The Value of Money – Why BSV will become the most valuable form of money” and “James Belding: Bitcoin SV is set to be the global commercial ledger” and links to various social media communities related to BSV.

There are also sections on where to purchase BSV and a list of different BSV-enabled wallets. For regular updates on what is going on in the BSV world, the site’s author has included links to different blogs and news sites, including everyone’s favorite, CoinGeek

If you’re unsure who to follow in the BSV community, there’s a section for that, as well. Jimmy Nguyen, Calvin Ayre and Steve Shadders are just three of the top names behind BSV that need to be given attention. 

There is no information on the website regarding who created the list. However, a Reddit post indicates that it was developed by user “kings_landing,” or says that it was his “small contribution to the BSV community.” He adds, “Still working on increasing the list.” Anyone wishing to add more information or request changes can contact him through Reddit.

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