Hackathon 2021

4th Bitcoin SV Hackathon coding round ends July 26

Don’t miss the chance to send your submissions as the coding round for the 4th Bitcoin SV Hackathon is coming to an end at 6 p.m. CEST today, July 26. Sponsored by Bitcoin Association and nChain, the event began on June 16 with the theme “peer-to-peer applications” and is offering a prize pool of US$100,000 in BSV.

An expert panel will decide the three finalists who will present their ideas to the judges at the upcoming CoinGeek New York Conference in October. In addition to the judging panel, the popular vote of the audience will determine the results. The first prize receives US$50,000, the second prize $30,000, and the third $20,000, all in BSV.

Dazzled by the success of the previous BSV Hackathon, the organizers decided to hold the fourth iteration as a virtual event in place of a usual two-day, in-person affair. Entry registration is still open to new teams as long as they finish their coding before the deadline. The participants will also get access to an online platform to collaborate with other competitors and seek advice from experts at nChain.

The third Bitcoin SV Hackathon featured it all: 418 participants, 75 countries, 42 projects. The theme of that event was “Connecting the world to the global blockchain,” and REPZIP, Stotask, and Kyrt bagged the top three prizes.

The Bitcoin SV Hackathon is one of the premier events of Bitcoin Association’s developer education program. It offers BSV, Ethereum, blockchain, and non-blockchain developers an avenue to prove their technical mettle and spread awareness about the latest technological endeavors. The event focuses on educating the participants about BSV’s technical capabilities and encouraging them to innovate and create applications that most developers have not yet built.

Peer-to-peer transactions is a hot topic in BSV of late. The theme covers payment transactions as well as any direct interaction between participants on the BSV Network, emphasizing those who leverage SPV Channels and the Merchant API (mAPI).

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen said the 4th edition of Bitcoin SV Hackathon “will challenge participants to leverage the unique peer-to-peer functionalities of the BSV blockchain and the massive scaling capabilities it facilitates.”

Previously, some companies that pitched their ideas at the Hackathons received support from venture capital firms and became fully operational businesses. For instance, API monetizing platform Codugh and UptimeSV, which later became BitPing, were among previous Hackathon winners.

Apply here to join the 4th Bitcoin SV Hackathon.

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