$1T Wellington Management looks into cryptocurrency investments

$1T Wellington Management looks into cryptocurrency investments

As the cryptocurrency revolution continues to take hold, there’s a new kid on the block looking at the potential $1 trillion industry.

Boston-based money manager Wellington Management Company seems to be the next investor who is getting serious about entering the digital coins market, although it’s still early days. However, with a portfolio reputedly in excess of $1 trillion, Wellington would certainly give a much needed boost to the cryptocurrency market as it continues to grow. It is not known whether the company is investing legacy Bitcoin (BTC) alone or if it has its eyes on other cryptocurrencies that are performing well although these seem to be few and far between of late.

Reports from the financial news scene are stating that the firm is considering including some cryptocurrencies in its portfolios. Apparently, an internal report penned by equity research analysts Matthew Lipton and trading technologies principal, Lee Saba, recommended the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in the group’s offerings. According to Bloomberg, Wellington Management’s systems were also upgraded to include the possibility of trading in Bitcoin derivatives and the company has also started taking up positions in the cryptocurrency market.

“Various Wellington teams are already positioning portfolios to take advantage of mining and block chain implementations by, for example, investing in select chipmakers making components” for tracking and creating digital coins, the report stated, without naming specific stocks.

For now, Wellington said it’s still “cautious” when it comes to BTC and related cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency market has endured a disastrous start to the year with most of the top tier coins falling by at least 30% over January and February although there seems to be a slight recovery in March. However, the pace of this recovery seems to be very slow and almost all currencies would have to register gains of well over 20% to return to something close their all-time highs registered in mid-December to early January. Some currencies are even at 30% of their levels such as Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Dash.

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