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Zumo teams up with Block Dojo incubator and launches support for companies using BSV Blockchain

[London/Edinburgh – 27th September 2023] – Zumo, the UK-based digital-asset-as-a-service platform, has today announced a partnership with the Block Dojo incubator and the launch of new platform features designed to support companies building on BSV Blockchain.

Through this new partnership, Block Dojo will offer its cohort companies access to Zumo’s APIs, which will help to facilitate their development processes.

Block Dojo, which launched in 2021, has become one of the fastest-growing and most successful incubators in the UK, responsible for 24% of all capital raised for tech startups in 2022. It has so far successfully launched over 40 startups.

Block Dojo startups use blockchain as part of their business offering to bring the benefits of immutability, transparency, micropayments, and more to their customers, and the Dojo’s blockchain of choice is BSV Blockchain.

To better support the startup companies within the Dojo’s cohorts, Zumo has therefore now added a feature for an on/off ramp for the BSV/GBP currency pair to its award-winning tech stack. This will allow straightforward conversion between BSV and GBP on the Zumo platform.

Zumo has also introduced LiteClient and ARC support for its non-custodial wallet, Zumo Infinite.

LiteClient is a set of tools that enable Simplified Payment Verification (SPV), which allows users, merchants and services to quickly and easily ensure transaction validity, which will in turn allow greater blockchain scalability. ARC, meanwhile, is a cutting-edge transaction processor that streamlines the submission of transactions to the BSV Blockchain network.

This added functionality is also now available for enterprise partners via Zumo APIs, adding an additional layer of security and user control.

Paul Roach, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Zumo, said:

These new features align with our objective to support companies building on the BSV Blockchain. They provide practical tools for conversion, security and development, contributing to the ever-growing ecosystem of applications.

James Marchant, Chairman of Block Dojo, added:

Access to the various tools and services offered by Zumo is invaluable for Dojo startups and their customers.

Access to BSV/GBP on/off ramps has been a challenge for the whole ecosystem and one which Zumo solves so efficiently. Our partnership with Zumo is the next step towards enabling startups that leverage the power of BSV Blockchain, whether that be writing data on-chain or creating and adding to the on-chain economy.

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