Your invite to learn about micropayments & NFTs in gaming at BSV Global Blockchain Convention Dubai 2022

The BSV Global Blockchain Convention (GBC) 2022 Dubai kicks off tomorrow and the excitement surrounding it is palpable. Finally we’re able to see each other freely, thanks to Dubai (and those countries we must return to!) loosening up their COVID related mandates to at least a tolerable level—thank you!

However, I know there are still plenty of folks who are unable to attend in person due to other matters such as cost, schedule conflicts, etc., but we will be streaming the event live, so please join us there (for free!) if you can’t join us here.

With the live streaming option in mind, I’d like to invite everyone on the planet to join me for the two panels I’ll be moderating at GBC 2022, both on Day 1 (May 24). Here is a sneak preview of who is speaking and what you will be learning:

10:40-11:10 – Micropayments: small payments, big fun

  • Alex Agut – Co-Founder & CEO, Handcash
  • Ian Duckworth – Engineering, Haste Arcade
  • Tyler Farnsworth – CMO, Built By Gamers
  • Jackson Laskey – Co-Founder & CEO, NFTY Jigs

The gaming industry is HUGE and only getting bigger. This industry is particularly ripe with use cases for what blockchain-powered technology can bring to the table and is a wonderful place to start building with blockchain. Micropayments, an important functionality BSV blockchain due to its low transaction fees, are thriving in the gaming space and changing revenue models. 

The theme of this panel will be how micropayments are a better way to monetize games than the current payment structures—freemium, advertisements, subscription, upfront cost—and create a better experience for both the gamer and the developer.

Throughout the 30 minutes, we’ll discuss exactly how micropayments are going to change the way we do business in gaming and why choosing the right blockchain is of the upmost importance. We will also cover the results our panellists are seeing within their respective companies since micropayments have been implemented and why the Middle East (and beyond!) should take notice.

This panel will also feature some fun visuals and HandCash’s announcement regarding USDC, so I encourage you to tune in real time and get the most out of the experience. 

11:40-12:10 – Blockchain: Data Power-Ups and NFTs for eSports & Online Games

  • John Brackens – CTO, Esports Entertainment Group
  • Jerry Chan – Founder,
  • Roman Livson – Chief Financial Officer, Burkhan World Investments
  • Ajaypal Pama – Chairman, GameFi Ltd

The theme of this panel is esports and Online Games are a perfect fit for NFTs, tokens and blockchain tech and gaming is the best place to start building NOW. Three of the four panelists come from investment banking/trading, so clearly there must be money in gaming and blockchain somewhere!

Main topics to be covered include examples of NFTs with utility, loyalty tokens, the value of logging gaming data on the blockchain, the trials and tribulations of choosing a blockchain to build on and a gaze into the future for gaming and NFTs. 

In addition to my two gaming industry panels, there are so many more panels, speeches and keynotes to choose from over the course of the event’s three days.  These sessions will be covering all sorts of including government and public use sector, payments and fintech, enterprise blockchain, Web3, regulation, martech, IT and more . 

The final day of the conference will of course feature an extra special Calvin Ayre party, serving both as the closing party for the event and also his 60th birthday bash, so if you’re in Dubai this week, I certainly hope you can find a way to join us…

Register here, for in-person or virtual attendance to the BSV Global Blockchain Convention.

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