XinFin partners with India's KoinOK to airdrop 5M XDCE coins

XinFin partners with India’s KoinOK to airdrop 5M XDCE coins

India cryptocurrency fans, get ready. Singapore-based blockhain technology company XinFin has teamed up with cryptocurrency exchange KoinOK to distribute 5 million of XinFin’s XDCE coins at the first airdrop event in India. The campaign is part of a referral program created by XinFin and KoinOK to bring more awareness to blockchain in India.

The Ethereum-based XDCE was created to bridge the infrastructure deficit by using blockchain technology. The coin is now the fifth coin to be traded on KoinOK, following legacy Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple, Ethereum and Neo. In announcing the partnership, XinFin co-founder Peter Yeo said, “…KoinOK is one of the fastest growing digital exchanges in India. We are really excited to collaborate with KoinOK and we believe that our offerings will positively serve our users. With this partnership, our growing community that has an ever-growing demand for XinFin tokens will be able to trade without addressing drastic price changes because of volatility.”

The Singapore startup focuses primarily on process efficiency for businesses in the areas of international trade and finance. XinFin’s hybrid blockchain has been chosen by Fortune 500 companies around the globe and was chosen by one of Asia’s largest conglomerates, Ramco System, to provide its blockchain solutions. Ten of its pilot projects have already been successfully tested in the fields of Travel, Supply Chain, Trade, Aviation and Banking, according to the company, which receives advisory support by some of the biggest name in the cryptocurrency industry, including CEO Roger Ver and COO Mate Tokay, as well as the COO of Coinpayments, Jason Butcher.

XinFin launched its cryptocurrency only about a month and a half ago, and recently completed its initial coin offering (ICO). XDCE is designed to compete directly against other coins that are based on the ERC20 standard. As with other coins, it is designed to integrate smoothly with the decentralized Ethereum ecosystem.

KoinOK is considered by some to be India’s most customer-centric cryptocurrency exchange. The company offers its own wallets and trading services, instead of utilizing applications that already existed. This has helped increase the level of security it provides for its clients. On the frontend, KoinOK provides end-to-end data encryption with multi-signature keys and two-factor authentication to enhance security, while its backend architecture allows for 24/7 uptime and a high degree of automatic scalability.

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