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WorldVest to launch TroyMoney as a private asset-backed digital investment currency using tokenized smart contract protocol on the Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision ‘BSV’ blockchain network

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL / July 5, 2023 / WorldVest, a dynamic and innovative global investment group, set to launch of TroyMoney with a mission to tokenize vaulted Gold and other Precious Metals on the blockchain. This initiative aims to create a series of Precious Metals Backed Digital Investment Currencies to become part of the Future of Money. The innovation of blockchain technology married with the real intrinsic value of Gold and other Precious Metals allows for the reintroduction of Gold and Precious Metals as a private new “Metals as Money” monetary system separated from Government control and offering instant liquidity back to any global Fiat currency.

TroyMoney allows vaulted precious metals including Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium that possess a real intrinsic value to be easily divisible, fungible and portable and allowing these metals to be held not only as real store of value, but as a direct payment for the purchase of goods and services, aka Money.

WorldVest Chairman, Garrett K. Krause, acknowledged the magnitude this opportunity by commenting, “Recently, the overall global demand for Gold and other Precious Metals has risen due to global market volatility and geopolitical instability pushing investors to gold and other precious metals for capital preservation and a real store of value driving global demand with many predicting a future of over $3,000 per troy ounce.” Krause further commented, “The opportunity to launch this project using Tokenized Smart Contract Protocol on the BSV Blockchain, which follows the original Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi, allowing for a stable, scalable, secure and safe and instant economic transactions, that other blockchains struggle to deliver. Further, as we integrate the BSV Wallets, TroyMoney is enabled to be transferred peer to peer, like a Gold Venmo, and for an efficient micropayment to a merchant for the purchase of a coffee.”

TroyMoney together with an innovative smart contract protocol on the BSV Blockchain aims to lead innovation and development of a new global “Metals as Money” initiative as a viable alternative to the current system of holding Government IOU’s known as Fiat Currencies and CBDC’s with a long history of consistent proven devaluation over time due to inflation and uncontrolled money printing.

Tokenized, led by James Belding, provides a comprehensive tokenization solution that enables government agencies, institutions, enterprises, and individuals to issue, manage, and trade digital assets. Their flagship product is a Smart Contracting Platform that leverages a digital transformation of financial contracts to deliver next generation financial services and focuses on delivering a full suite of tools to allow issuers, regulated entities, and holders to exercise their rights, and fulfill their obligations and duties during the whole lifecycle of the contract.

James highlighted his team’s vision for a tokenized financial system by commenting, “Tokenization is the process of converting real-world assets or financial instruments into digital tokens that can be securely managed and transferred on a blockchain or distributed ledger. However, we believe that tokens are just the tip of the iceberg, to really bring about a step change in financial infrastructure, and the dependent user experiences, we need a complete digital transformation of the terms and conditions of private financial contracts, as well as the related commercial events. This holistic approach allows us to unlock novel insights, increase automation, and simplify administrative and performance-related processes. Our architecture utilizes private and permissioned subledgers at the application layer of a public and permissionless distributed ledger – Bitcoin SV. We strongly believe this is the ideal approach to provide the best of both worlds; all the unique and compelling benefits of a public distributed ledger – such as timestamped and immutable records that do not suffer from political, jurisdictional, or organizational risks – with the essential needs of all the stakeholders relating to performance, privacy, security, compliance, and flexibility creating a much simpler, faster, and lower cost financial system that also unlocks many unique opportunities and use cases.” Regarding their partnership with TroyMoney James noted “We have been really impressed with TroyMoney’s vision and team, and we are excited to help them issue their asset-backed tokens on BSV Blockchain through our platform. Together, we aim to deliver unique and compelling financial products with capabilities that will push the boundaries of what many in the industry think is possible.”

About WorldVest, Inc.

WorldVest is a dynamic and innovative global investment group that finances the development of opportunistic high-growth global transactions. Recognizing the disconnect between the project needs and the limitations of traditional investment banking, private equity, and venture capital institutions, WorldVest seeks to set a new standard, emerging as a partner and solution provider where one did not previously exist.

For more information about WorldVest or TroyMoney, please refer to the company’s websites at and at

About Tokenized

Tokenized is an innovative smart contracting platform utilizing an open-source tokenization and smart contract protocol that leverages the power of BSV Blockchain, as the original Bitcoin Protocol, delivering for a scalable, secure and inexpensive proof of stake platform originally designed for delivering micropayments. For more information, please go to and

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