Win BSV via Bitpost’s 30 Day Blog Challenge

Bitpost is giving you the opportunity to win money with its 30-day blogging challenge. Everyone who enters into the Bitpost challenge and publishes one blog post per day from September 1st to September 30th will get a percentage of the $BSV in the Bitpost prize pool as well as a rare NFT.

To enter the Bitpost 30 Day Blog Challenge:

  1. Publicly say you’re in by commenting on this tweet thread:, and then
  2. Post to Bitpost every day beginning September 1 and ending on September 30.

As of press time, 50 people have entered the contest and the prize pool is at 4.032 BSV.

Even individuals that miss 1 or 2 days of blogging will be rewarded with a rare NFT for crossing the finish line with the exception of 2 missed publishing days.

“It’s a hard challenge. Sometimes something goes crazy and you miss one. If it’s all or nothing, you’ll quit. But it’s better to not look back but keep looking forward! We want to encourage people to pick themselves back up even if they fall once or twice,” said Isaac Moorehouse, who has been working with Aaron Russell (Libs on Twitter) at Chronos Labs to get products like Bitpost out in the market.

Why a blogging challenge?

“The biggest bottleneck in not just BSV, but the world in general, is people willing to put themselves out there and pursue their ideas. At Bitpost, we want to help break people out of consumer-only mode, and activate the creativity that makes humans human! This 30-day challenge is one small way to get the ball rolling,” said Moorehouse.

Moorehouse strongly supports daily blogging and says that a daily blogging challenge changed his life. He would like others to experience the life benefits that come with daily blogging so he helped Chronos labs launch the Bitpost Blogging Challenge to catalyze and incentivize others to adopt the good habit.

“Creating begets creativity. Turning blogging into a daily discipline starts to get more ideas flowing! Doing one thing every day makes you feel great! Even if you have a bad day, at least you know you shipped a post and got something done. [Daily blogging] forces you to get to know your own thoughts better. In a constant feed scrolling era, clarifying and articulating your own thoughts is a valuable thing,” said Moorehouse when I asked him what the top three benefits of daily blogging were.

There’s still time to join!

The Bitpost 30 day Blog Challenge starts tomorrow (September 1st), which means there is still time to join!

There is also time to add to the reward pool; by sending BSV to [email protected], you would be incentivizing yourself and others to complete the challenge. The Bitpost team is even thinking of giving the largest donor an exclusive NFT for their contribution to the pool.

There is much more to gain than there is to lose by participating in the Bitpost 30 Day Blog Challenge. Joining the challenge is likely to bring you benefits that spill into other areas of your life; the only arguable downside would be that you need to take a few minutes out of your day(s) to create a blog post–is that so hard? We will find out on September 30th when we see how many of the participants complete the challenge and how many have dropped out.

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