Will Azerbaijan become a new cryptocurrency harbor? Find out the answer at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku

Will Azerbaijan become a new cryptocurrency harbor? Find out the answer at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku

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On September 27, the first large-scale Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku, dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs will start in Azerbaijan. Its participants will include well-known specialists and gurus of the cryptocurrency market, developers, entrepreneurs, representatives of payment systems, foreign experts.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain promotion

Despite the growing demand for cryptocurrencies in 2017, Azerbaijan does not have laws to regulate the cryptocurrency activity. In other words, Bitcoin and altcoins are in the grey area.

At the same time, the authorities of Azerbaijan are taking steps to solve issues connected with the legal status of the field.

For instance, the Center for the Study and Development of the Market for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies was established in the country in April of 2018. The organization will carry out the awareness-raising work, develop offers on the cryptocurrency market regulation, provide consultancy services, and run special trainings for journalists. Also, administration of the Center plans to attract international blockchain experts to consult financial institutions concerning the advantages of distributed ledgers and token sales.

In May, the Ministry for taxes announced that all cryptocurrency deals would be taxable. Legal entities will pay a corporate income tax for cryptocurrency operations, and physical entities – a personal income tax.

Such actions of the authority speak for the intention to create a stable and reliable environment for running a crypto business in the country.

What waits for attendees of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku?

Considering the interest of Azerbaijan in the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology, the international company Smile-Expo is organizing a large-scale event – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku. The conference will bring together Azerbaijanian and foreign experts. In their presentations, they will focus on the efficient conduct of token sales, cryptocurrency trading, use of blockchain in business, and investment opportunities of innovative technologies.

As part of the discussion panel, speakers will discuss one of the key topics – regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Azerbaijan and across the globe.

Furthermore, guests of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku will have access to the exhibition area. Here companies will present mining hardware, component parts for mining farms, software, blockchain platforms, and consultancy services for ICO projects.

In addition, there will be a pitch session for exhibitors. Companies will tell about their activities and products presented at their booths.

Uniting blockchain evangelists

Smile-Expo organizes large events dedicated to cutting-edge technologies all over the world. In 2018 only, the company held 15 blockchain conferences in 14 countries including Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Israel, the Philippines, Germany, and Switzerland, Finland, Australia. Future events will take place in Georgia and France.

Follow the news of the event on the official website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku.

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