Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales to speak at CoinGeek London (Feb 20-21)

Wikipedia very quickly established itself as the most prominent reference supplier on the World Wide Web. Upon founding Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales also won enormous respect by making this valuable tool a non-profit venture.

Especially now in the era of increasing fake news, Wikipedia seeks to offer a place where genuine and transparent information can be accessed. Blockchain technology has the ability to both incentivize (through Bitcoin micropayments to users) more reliable information, and create a transparent record of changes to what has been written before. Until the emergence of Bitcoin SV (BSV) to reclaim Bitcoin’s original design, no blockchain had the scalability to power micropayments to efficiently reward better user information and handle the staggering amount of data Wikipedia carries.

CoinGeek is, therefore, thrilled to have Jimmy Wales as a keynote speaker and looks forward to hearing his views on combating fake news, improving the quality of online information, and how Bitcoin technology might have some of the answers.

Host and MC of CoinGeek London, Jimmy Nguyen commented: “This is our 5th and biggest conference to date, with over 800 expected delegates and media. Having Jimmy Wales joining us is a huge privilege and will offer a fascinating insight in one of the most talked about phenomenon of recent years, fake news and the need for more reliable online information. We, certainly feel that BSV might well have solutions to offer so let’s have that conversation in London!”

Jimmy Wales joins two other famed speakers previously announced for CoinGeek London – renowned Wall Street analyst Tom Lee from Fundstrat Global Advisors, and economist and best-selling author George Gilder (Life After Google).

To hear from Bitcoin SV industry leaders, come to the CoinGeek London conference on February 20-21, 2020 at the historic Old Billingsgate venue in London. Visit to learn more about BSV.

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