The White Company reaches $100 million in transactions

The White Company reaches $100 million in transactions

July 24, 2018 New York, NYThe White Company, a cryptocurrency concierge and luxury marketplace, has surpassed $100 million in cryptocurrency converted into real world items. Since launching in 2017, over 25,000 transactions have taken place for goods including Lamborghinis, pieces of rare art, global excursions and conversions to fiat.

The White Company is currently onboarding merchants and plans to launch a commercial processing solution by the end of Q3 2018 as a complement to its luxury marketplace and asset management platform.

“Usability of crypto is paramount for its mainstream adoption,” said Elizabeth White, CEO of The White Company. “A new asset class has been created through this digital currency boom, but holders have been largely unable to spend their new wealth. We’ve made it our mission to help   consumers use crypto to purchase goods, experiences or simply cash out into fiat, and our recent stablecoin and wallet platform furthers that goal. This milestone is a testament to the demand for widespread usability, and we’re excited to continue serving the market and working with merchants in the near future.”

The White Company has facilitated sales of a variety of products, ranging from an iPhone 7 to a $4 million Ferrari, as well as the first piece of art to be purchased with bitcoin – Mark Flood’s “Select a Victim” painting which sold for 12.3 BTC in late 2017. White Company Luxury operates under The White Company umbrella and serves as both a marketplace and concierge service – if a desired item isn’t available in the online inventory, it can be located and purchased through White and her team’s deep experience and relationships in the luxury, auto, and art industry.

Recently, the White Company has decided to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which has grown in popularity since its forked from Bitcoin in 2017 to be aligned with Satoshi’s original vision of a peer-to-peer electronic cash. There has been a high demand for luxury goods by BCH holders, with gold Krugerrands and the “Beyonce/Jay-Z on the Run 2 Tour” tickets being the most popular items among BCH investors. With this in mind, the White Company is offerings exclusive items available for purchase only with BCH; starting with jewelry from Cartier. Cartier has a long history of being the most divine jewelry, which has been adorned by many celebrities and the elite.

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