Where is your milk from? Carrefour lets buyers know with blockchain help

Where is your milk from? Carrefour lets buyers know with blockchain help

There are all sorts of reasons why many companies and executives are excited about blockchain. While blockchain technology has existed for a while now, it seems that more companies are open to embracing the way that it can disrupt various sectors. The finance sector is interested in how blockchain can reduce transaction fees in the global payments sector, the logistics industry is interested in how blockchain can improve supply chain transparency, and the food industry is interested in how blockchain can be used to improve traceability. In the latest example of how blockchain can be used to trace various foods and products, the French supermarket company Carrefour wants to allow consumers to know more about where exactly their milk comes from, The Next Web reported.

Carrefour is one of the largest supermarket locations in the world, boasting thousands of locations operating in over 30 countries. This is not the first time that Carrefour has expressed interest in food traceability through blockchain, as the company previously joined the IBM Food Trust platform in October 2018. In fact, Carrefour was one of the first companies to join the platform. The idea behind using blockchain is to improve the overall product quality and increase transparency with regards to food products in general.

However, the company is taking their plans to the next step by allowing consumers to track their milk. According to TNW, the supermarket chain will soon roll out micro-filtered full-fat milk in bottles that have scannable QR codes. A smartphone app will allow those who purchase the milk to find out exactly where the milk was collected and packaged, and offer GPS coordinates of the dairy farm that the milk came from as well.

The timing of the announcement is interesting, considering that none other than Emmanuel Macron referenced blockchain with regards to food and agriculture several weeks ago. This is quite significant considering that Macron is the president of France, and it’s not every day that a high-profile politician is praising blockchain. The comments were made during the 56th International Fair in Paris, France, and Macron pointed out that blockchain can improve the transparency and sustainability of the agricultural sector.

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