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When will BSV fail? Joshua Henslee talks online negativity in new video

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Joshua Henslee has his finger on the pulse of everything that’s happening in the BSV ecosystem. This week, he released another video explaining when he believes BSV will fail.

“The day online negativity and social engineering stop against BSV is the day it fails.” – Joshua Henslee

The 3 Bitcoin chains

Henslee opened up by explaining why we have three Bitcoin chains in the first place. He said it’s down to social engineering, DDOS attacks, censorship, and doxxing of individuals and leaders within the projects.

All of this happened leading up to the forks themselves. These same tactics have been used throughout the history of Bitcoin. Even today, you can’t have an honest discussion because of trolls and sockpuppets who attack, divert conversations, and dissuade others from speaking out in favor of big-block Bitcoin.

Henslee believes that the lies that Bitcoin can’t scale, can’t do smart contracts, and is expensive to transact on run so deep that newcomers have virtually no chance of discovering the truth. Add into it that BTC promises something for nothing, and very few look past the agenda of those who want to divert their attention away from Bitcoin’s true capabilities.

Social engineering and attacks in the BSV ecosystem

Henslee pointed out that when you speak about BSV on Twitter and other social media accounts, the same band of characters attack you. They spread lies and misinformation such as that Dr. Craig Wright is a fraud, Calvin Ayre is a criminal, and no one uses BSV for anything. They’ll discuss anything other than BSV’s technical capabilities.

“Why do they care so much?” Henslee asked. 

For a coin nobody cares about, a lot of people sure do seem to care about bashing and attacking BSV. Henslee has noticed that any time there’s a group that develops organically to talk about a new BSV application or even the price, these sock puppet accounts show up to try and change the subject to ad hominem attacks and conspiracy theories.

“That’s how they do it,” Henslee said. “They just come in, start talking to each other, maybe they have multiple accounts, and create the idea that people are debating each other. It’s not even relevant.”

Henslee also mentioned that there are some accounts that pretend to be on BSV’s side but actually do a lot of damage to the project in the long run.

Discussing BSV price

When you attempt to discuss BSV price, you’ll get attacked from two sides, Henslee says. First, you’ll get the usual trolls who want to paint BSV in a bad light, and then there are those who don’t believe price matters. Henslee promises to stay independent and discuss what he wants for as long as possible, including the BSV token price.

“There have been some folks losing their minds,” Henslee says, noting that some BSVers are beginning to capitulate. He said he understands why some app developers might want to move to other chains for users, but he also pointed out that they’re not moving for technological advances.

For many others, Henslee said there’s only one reason they want to move. “Aussie man didn’t pump their bags, the time preference of whoever made that decision was too low, and they want these other coins that are going to pump,” he noted.

“I think we’re bottoming out,” Henslee said, “but when the Titanic is sinking, not everybody can survive.” Looking back, Henslee said that it’s silly to believe that everyone who jumped into BSV in 2018 would stay the course.

“This online stuff gets to people,” he finished with. “Unfortunately, I don’t see it stopping, but I think people need to understand what’s going on.”

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YouTube video

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