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WGES 2020: What should gaming companies be wary of when getting into blockchain?

The World Gaming Executive Summit brings together industry leaders from around the globe, discussing the biggest issues facing the gaming sector. Featuring over 100 C-Level Speakers, live panels, virtual 1-to-1 meets and presentations, the event aims to inform and educate on the latest developments in gaming technology.

The 2020 event features a panel discussion on blockchain gaming, specifically looking at the issues affecting those entering, or considering a move, into the blockchain gaming space. Titled “What should gaming companies be wary of when getting into blockchain? What is stopping the mass adoption of crypto in gaming?” the session will also look at the current barriers to mass adoption of digital currencies in the gaming industry.

The discussion is scheduled to take place on Day 1 of the virtual conference, bringing together some of the brightest minds in digital currency and blockchain gaming to discuss the pertinent issues affecting the sector.

Moderated by lead reporter Becky Liggero-Fontana, the discussion features Lloyd Purser, COO of Funfair Games; Phillip Runyan, founder and CEO of Hold Gaming; and Matthew Dickson, co-founder and CEO of BitBoss.

“I think its incredibly important for the gambling industry to take notice of blockchain technology and understand its true potential vs. what they see in the headlines and social media,” Fontana tells CoinGeek. “During this panel, we will cover a whole spectrum of topics including the reputational issues surrounding blockchain and digital currencies, blockchain for payments, usability, regulatory barriers, how to pick the right blockchain and incremental vs. wholesale change. I am grateful for the opportunity WGES has provided the gambling industry in hosting this session and for the bright minds who will be sharing their expertise on the panel, this is one not to be missed!”

The session takes the form of a free-flowing discussion between the panelists, each of which is currently engaged in blockchain-based gaming. The discussion aims to cover issues affecting those considering developing blockchain based games, with a particular focus on the potential pitfalls for those entering this new and emerging market.

This year’s virtual WGES event is being held on December 8-9 2020, with virtual pass tickets still available for those hoping to sign up. A must-attend event for anyone weighing up the blockchain gaming space, or for those with an interest in the underlying technology, this year’s event is set to be the biggest so far.

Register now for your virtual pass, and use the promo code “Becky100” for a free pass. Book your space to take part in WGES 2020 today!

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