Virtual currency payment gateway, Coinify, activates Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Virtual currency payment gateway, Coinify, activates Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Online merchants can now accept BSV, the only cryptocurrency based on the original Bitcoin protocol, via the leading virtual currency payment provider, Coinify. Whether the merchant wishes to accept BSV directly or have that changed to local currency, Coinify can facilitate those options.

BSV is the only cryptocurrency that has proven scalability of huge transaction volumes, vital to the success of mass adoption. With their goal of building an international virtual currency payment infrastructure, Coinify’s cooperation will further BSV’s vision to become a viable global currency.

Coinify provides cutting-edge and compliant virtual currency products that allow businesses to accept payments both online and in retail stores.

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the bComm Association, commented: “As somebody who has used Coinify personally, I think it’s a huge step forward in the development of BSV that such a respected payment portal has added the original Bitcoin to its portfolio.

He added: “Of course, it also means it will be much easier for sales teams to offer ‘flick of the switch’ BSV solutions to online merchants.”

Coinify’s CEO and co-founder, Mark Højgaard stated: “Virtual currencies need to have widespread merchant adoption to really ignite on a mainstream level, and we believe that the simplicity and flexibility of our payment product range makes this possible. Adding BSV as a virtual currency helps us ensure we have the most comprehensive range of options for both merchant and customer.”

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