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Ira Kleiman shows up on Day 3 of Kleiman v Wright trial
Bitcoin 4 November 2021

Ira Kleiman shows up on Day 3 of Kleiman v Wright trial

Dave Kleiman’s brother and the personal representative of the deceased’s estate took the stand on Day 3 of the Kleiman vs. Wright trial. And although it’s already the third day in the proceedings, this was only Ira Kleiman’s second time appearing in court.

Kleiman v Wright: The week ahead
Bitcoin 2 November 2021

Kleiman v Wright: The week ahead

The first week of the Kleiman v Wright trial is here, the jurors are locked in, and now plaintiff Ira Kleiman and his attorneys are up to bat first. Here’s what to expect out of the opening rounds of the biggest trial in digital asset history.

13th Anniversary Bitcoin Whitepaper
Bitcoin 31 October 2021

People died for Bitcoin: A white paper story

On the 13th anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper, there is a more solemn history to recall and recount. Stories that deserve to be told are not often told because they are inconvenient, frustrating or outdated to modern sensibilities.

Kurt in Miami
Bitcoin 30 June 2021

Kurt Wuckert Jr. visits Miami for digital tacos, pizza and chat with Tim Draper

CoinGeek’s Chief Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. takes us to Miami, where people gather to talk about the so-called “giant Frankenstein monster”—aka BTC. Watch Kurt as he walks around Wynwood asking guests about their favorite thing about Bitcoin, and he even stops venture capitalist Tim Draper to talk about what got him excited about digital currency as well as his thoughts on tokenization.

Making crypto easy: the instant ATM demo
Bitcoin 24 December 2018

Making crypto easy: the instant ATM demo

Lorien Gamaroff, CEO and co-founder of the wallet-provider Centbee, is shown how easily his wallet works with a crypto ATM by Ryan Andallo, COO of BCB ATM.