Verizon seeks to onboard blockchain professionals

Verizon seeks to onboard blockchain professionals

Verizon is seeking to hire blockchain professionals as it explores ways it can leverage on the technology. These include five blockchain developers and a host of blockchain tech leads.

The company posted these job opportunities on its website. This team will be responsible for developing a blockchain-centric prototype, testing it and also launching it in the market.

However, getting talented blockchain professionals does not seem to be a walk in the park. According to reports by The Block, Verizon seems to be of the opinion that getting appropriate candidates is a hard task. The company had this to say:

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, those guys are just taking the cream of the crop. […] I have interviewed over 100 candidates in the last couple of years, and it’s getting harder to find good candidates in blockchain.

A keyword search on ‘blockchain” on the site shows there are over thirty blockchain-related positions open at Verizon. Some of these positions appear to be results for technology, strategy positions, and marketing. One of the adverts reads:

This role will be responsible for developing and delivering of initial prototypes and product proofs-of concept, which includes use case development, technical requirements, customer co-development testing, and commercialization handoff. The focus of the individual will be on blockchain and other identity/security initiatives (e.g., confidential computing, secure payments) in the emerging technology space.

On the website, one of the job offers was listed on June 13 and is still open. It stated the company wants “a lead software engineer.” Notably, the post further outlines that preference will be given to applicants with “knowledge of Blockchain technologies such as Hyperledger.”

In addition, the company had posted five openings for a blockchain developer on July 1. The listing outlines that successful applicants would be required to “research, design, develop and test blockchain technologies” among other responsibilities. Successful applicants will be required to work on a full time basis. They will be posted to various locations across the U.S. and India.

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