The Challenges of Building on Bitcoin - Robin Kohze - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 41

Vaionex’s Robin Kohze talks challenges of building on Bitcoin on Bitstocks podcast

Vaionex founder and CEO Robin Kohze recently guested on the Bitstocks podcast episode 41 to talk about “The Challenges of Building on Bitcoin.”

Bitstocks CEO Michael Hudson and Kohze began the conversation by taking a look at the Cambridge University Metanet Society president’s background and how he got into Bitcoin. Throughout the conversation, it becomes clear that Kohze has a very strong understanding of machine learning and game theory, and through his previous experiences and the work he has done in both areas, has a great and unique insight into why Bitcoin SV (BSV) struggles when it comes to user adoption.

Hudson asked Kohze, “What do you mean by that, you’ve said that a couple of times, ‘wasted the big opportunity in the last two years.’ What is that, what is that big opportunity that we missed?”

To which Kohze replied, “What we did, we played the antagonistic game. We very clearly said, ‘we don’t want anything to do with anyone else in this space because we are regulatory compliant and you are not, and you will go down for it.’ Then we said, oh we can’t do it, because we have stronger cards at play, so we risk being delisted from Kraken and Binance because we were so sure we would win, because when you are antagonistic and you win then it’s a bigger win in the end. But we made that bet based on [thinking that] the Craig Wright lawsuit would end a bit earlier as if there was no corona [virus]. That is probably the biggest loss for us as a community that coronavirus happened.”

“When you look at the statistics, the start-up creation rate dropped by 70%, and we as a space said, because we were so sure of ourselves, we said we don’t want to have any investors, we want to have builders, and when the start-up rate declines by 70%, suddenly you don’t have builders anymore, and that’s how we got kind of stagnant in the narrative, partially because corona came and people felt insecure and they wanted to have something to invest in that might at least not end in hyperinflation—if that ever happens or not it doesn’t matter, it’s mostly the perception that people had at the time.”

“… the whole antagonistic play did not work out well, and now we need to find a way to recover from that by going a new route and way, I don’t think throwing money at startups will make any change, because the users are not leaving because the apps are not amazing, they just aren’t there because we didn’t channel enough users into the ecosystem in the first place to get this amplifying process that Ethereum had over years.”

Kohze and Hudson also talked about machine learning, the Metanet, tokens and NFTs, token protocols, Layer 2 solutions, and more. Kohze also turned the table at the end of the interview and begins asking Hudson a few questions, and the two went on to have a really insightful conversation about the current state of the BSV network and where it may be heading in the future.

To find out what the two talk about, you are going to have to watch episode 41 of the Bitstocks podcast, “The Challenges of Building on Bitcoin [with] Robin Kohze.”

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