US defense contractor seeks crypto ‘exploiters’ for new project

One of the biggest defense contractors in the world is searching for ‘cryptocurrency exploiters’ to work alongside a client based in Washington D.C.

BAE Systems, which works with governments around the world on defense projects, has posted job adverts seeking candidates who “demonstrate proficiency in cryptocurrency” and are able to move to Washington to “support a client’s operational requirements.”

Among skills identified in the ad, candidates are expected to have “hands-on experience analyzing Smart Contract vulnerabilities,” as well as industry standard qualifications or expert-level knowledge of elliptic curve algorithms and zero-knowledge proofs.

The LinkedIn job posting requires candidates “understand privacy coins, wallet types, full and light nodes, virtual currency payment processors, secure payment protocols and other issues related to the currency” at a source-code level.

The ad gives no details about the specific client the candidate will work for, but does suggest that heightened security clearance will be required before the candidate can start. This includes Polygraph clearance, which might indicate the sensitive nature of the work.

Candidates are required to have six years of industry experience, as well as a track record “supporting operations or familiarity with the Intelligence Community.”

The posting comes at a time of increasing interest in blockchain and crypto expertise, particularly from those capable of understanding and analyzing cryptocurrencies, as companies and government agencies look to bolster their in-house knowledge.

Blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis, for example, secured contracts worth $10 million from U.S. federal government agencies in 2019, with demand for expertise across the sector now at an all-time high.

The job posting urges applicants not to delay, recommending they are “among the first 25 applicants” if they want to be considered for the role.

The role is only the latest example of the growing demand for blockchain expertise and know-how, as companies, governments and other organizations increasingly shift their focus to blockchain-based technologies.

BAE Systems is one of the largest contractors serving the U.S. Department of Defense, providing hardware for the military as well as technology and electronics.

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