Unisot uses Bitcoin SV to help companies reduce supply chain costs

Unisot uses Bitcoin SV to help companies reduce supply chain costs

Stephan Nilsson first introduced his Unisot platform to the world in January of this year. UNISOT – Universal Source of Truth – is a solution that helps companies manage their supply chains using the blockchain and Nilsson has determined that the best blockchain solution available for the endeavor is Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Nilsson isn’t just a new guy looking to capitalize on the blockchain hype. He has been with Germany’s enterprise resource planning company SAP for years and has more than two decades-worth of experience as a technical SAP consultant.

The supply chain guru explains of traditional SAP solutions, “SAP sells as a standard system and is used by the largest enterprises in the world. But it still has to talk to other systems like your bank, suppliers and customers. It’s slow, error prone and very insecure.”

After becoming familiar with crypto in 2010, he became enthralled with the technology and eventually developed a blockchain for SAP prototype in 2015. This ultimately led to the creation of UNISOT, as well as two SAP modules that are available on public blockchains – one for free and the other a purchasable upgrade.

The modules run on the BSV blockchain, which allows companies to have greater security, immutability and scalability. It is the only blockchain that can offer a global permissionless business network that is capable of supporting the needs of the largest companies in the world.

Nillson says of Unisot, using fish exports as an example, “Our system shows consumers everything that happened to a fish on its journey to your dinner table.” The fish can be securely traced since its journey is recorded on the BSV blockchain and cannot be changed. This immutability is the core of trust for the entire global supply chain and Nillson states, “Consumers don’t have to trust companies and companies don’t have to trust each other – only blockchain.”

There are around 183,000 companies across more than 130 countries that use SAP software today. It is the standard system used by large institutions and Nillson knows that BSV is the way to go to transition the supply chain, as well as other business functions, to the blockchain. He explains, “Unisot’s solutions remain true to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision of a secure and immutable public blockchain.”

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