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Triple Entry Accounting Conference: Paper submission deadline extended

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In March, CoinGeek told you that the inaugural Triple Entry Accounting (TEA) Conference would take place on November 10 and 11, 2023.

That’s still the case, but this week, it was announced that the deadline for paper submission had been extended to July 20. Peer-reviewed papers will also be included in MDPI’s Triple Entry Accounting Special Issue.

The original call for papers details a list of topics, submissions, and presentation formats, and where to submit papers, along with relevant dates. It remains the case that accepted papers will be presented in joint one-hour sessions at the TEA Conference.

More about the inaugural TEA Conference in Malta

The first TEA Conference will take place in Salini Resort, St. Paul’s Bay, Malta, on Friday, November 10, and Saturday, November 11.

TEA combines computer science, cryptography, governance, and accounting and creates transactions as entries of fact attested to by three parties to a trade. While the current way of doing things leaves considerable scope for fraud and other misconduct, TEA being externally legible and verifiable would eliminate much of this.

The Malta conference aims to facilitate the adoption of TEA, allowing a place for the sharing of recent developments, the clarification of issues, and discussion about the future directions of industry, academic, and regulatory research.

One of the highlights of the conference will be Conference Chair Ian Grigg’s presentation of his 2005 paper on Triple Entry Accounting. He told CoinGeek the conference would be “interdisciplinary in nature” since it directly draws from accounting, computer science, and cryptography.

Submit papers before July 20

Here’s a quick recap of the paper topics:

  1. TEA and AI
  2. Blockchain and implementation
  3. Regulatory, tax and corruption implications of TEA
  4. Accounting and audit
  5. Impacts on the professionals in the field; accountants and systems providers
  6. The crisis in Accounting; Enron, Wirecard, GFC, China, FTX
  7. Impact on society; corruption and privacy
  8. Commercial applications and use cases
  9. ESG, Charitable sectors and public sector accounting
  10. Academic advances
  11. Tokenization and the Ricardian contract
  12. History and evolution of Accounting leading to TEA
  13. Legal implications of facts and inter-corporate data

Given the nature of blockchain technology and its utility for auditing and accounting, some of these topics should be of particular interest to those in the BSV Blockchain ecosystem.

Make sure to submit your papers before the deadline, and don’t miss the inaugural TEA Conference in St. Paul’s Bay, Malta, this November!

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