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TicketMint launches the world’s first fraudulent free ticketing system

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TicketMint eliminates fraudulent event ticketing, mitigates secondary markets, and recoups lost revenue through scalable blockchain solutions.

TAMWORTH, NH, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — TicketMint is a next-generation NFT smart ticketing platform that provides an on-chain digital multi-media collectible ticket to fans and enables event creators and ticket issuers to guarantee the authenticity of tickets, take control over ticket prices, collect on lost revenue, and increase engagement.

“TicketMint helps foster a much closer connection between artists, fans, event organizers and brands by incentivizing and rewarding fans with NFT collectibles, real-life experiences, and making events more interactive.” said Gregory Ward, co-creator of TicketMint and Chief Development Officer at SmartLedger, the world’s leading blockchain distribution channel.

TicketMint eliminates event ticketing fraud, mitigates scalping, and recoups lost revenue through scalable blockchain solutions. — Bryan Daugherty, Co-Founder of SmartLedger

“As a ticketing platform, TicketMint will help capture lost revenues and increase sales by mitigating fraud, forgery, and counterfeiting. This reduces the impact of ticket scalping and price gouging by allowing artists and event organizers to regain control of the secondary ticketing market.” Ward continued.

In today’s $65 billion event ticketing industry, major ticketing companies are failing to solve the most basic needs of their customers. Almost every week and at every event, fans, venues, and artists are losing the fight against fraud and scalpers.

“TicketMint has solved the global fraudulent event ticketing problem by utilizing blockchain to allow artists and event venues to issue and release uniquely numbered and timestamped digital tickets. These utility NFT’s offers gated access to physical or virtual events.” said Bryan Daugherty, Co-Founder of SmartLedger and Public Policy Director for the Bitcoin Association.

“The platform allows granular control of pricing and sales in secondary markets mitigating if not eliminating the ability of scalping. Additionally, digital amenities and upgrades can be added to any ticket for extra rewards, redeemable perks, and VIP access”. continued Daugherty.

In October, TicketMint was successfully tested for the first time for an educational luncheon and summit at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, in Los Angeles California. Attendees were provided a limited-edition, collectable NFT ticket with enriched media, including an all-access pass to the event, hosted bar, and valet parking.

TicketMint tickets will be issued again for a December 9th Washington, DC event at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center for an Educational Luncheon and networking event on “Re-Imagining Data Integrity with Blockchain”.

The platform continues to build upon an innovative roadmap beyond the initial proof of concept which will be publicly available as an API to empower existing ticketing platforms, as well as a web application for event producers to mint and sell verifiable NFT tickets.

Those interested in TicketMint are encouraged to engage with the complimentary white-glove onboarding services which ensures each event will be tailored to meet the needs of the host.

Whether a large-scale concert, sporting event, or festival, TicketMint will assure your clients that every ticket is authentic, reliable, and secure. Learn more at: TicketMint.events

The World’s First Fraudulent Free Ticketing Platform

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