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FYX announces blockchain-based competitive eSports platform

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RALEIGH, North Carolina – February 4, 2021 – FYX, a Raleigh-based eSports infrastructure and technology provider specialising in the development of blockchain-based solutions, today announces the upcoming launch of its flagship competitive eSports platform at fyxgaming.com.

FYX is a re-branded continuation of the blockchain-based eSports platform initially developed under the Kronoverse name and is presently in its final development phases ahead of a scheduled public launch later in 2021. The FYX platform leverages the unique characteristics of blockchain technology to power a competitive eSports experience like no other, with native cash matches and tournaments, verifiable game integrity, integrated betting and wagering functionalities, as well as new methods of monetisation for game developers.

The FYX platform has been built to be game engine-agnostic, with a range of integration options through an SDK and API available to developers of all sizes – from AAA studios right through to small indie developers – with no up-front implementation costs. Once integrated, developers are eligible to earn a share of all fees from paid competitions involving their game, as well as gain access to a suite of data and analytics information from gameplay.

Underpinning the FYX platform is the Bitcoin SV blockchain, which provides a massively scaled network capable of handling huge volumes of payment and data transaction throughput at a predictably low cost required by enterprise-grade blockchain applications. The Bitcoin SV blockchain will be used to verify player identity and facilitate instant tokenised fiat payments for FYX, with its public data ledger permanently storing individual match data in real-time – offering auditable game integrity and unlocking a host of unique new features, including on-demand replay and advanced data analytics.

With a publicly verifiable blockchain-based system, players and developers alike can compete with the confidence that all matches are taking place fairly and in compliance with local laws and regulations. All players competing in ranked eSports matches or cash games on the FYX platform will be required to complete full KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) checks before being admitted to the platform, with that identity information tied to an individual’s online account and all associated in-game and financial activity, providing auditable evidence of any illegal or anti-competitive behaviour.

Supporting its drive to lead innovation in eSports, FYX has assembled a strong team backed by an experienced advisory board, including Ron Chaimowitz, former chairman and CEO of GT Interactive Software (publisher of popular games Doom, Duke Nukem, Unreal Tournament and Quake) and Richard Roberts, former CEO of Slingo (creator of #1 mobile games with over 45 million monthly active users).

To find out more and register your interest, visit fyxgaming.com

Speaking on today’s announcement, FYX CEO Adam Kling, commented:

‘FYX is going to change the way that eSports are played, letting anyone compete in real money matches from home and democratising the world of competitive gaming. FYX represents the next evolution in the eSports landscape, creating new revenue streams for developers, while facilitating a whole new level of competition for players – all on a platform designed with game integrity as its core offering.’

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About FYX

FYX is an eSports infrastructure and technology provider, specialising in the development and implementation of blockchain technologies. The company offer a full suite of specialised eSports products and services, with innovative solutions spanning game monetisation, integrity, data and analytics. In 2020, FYX was admitted as a member of the eSports Integrity Commission (ESIC).

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