The CG Pulse Episode 35

The CoinGeek Pulse Episode 35: Blockchain Nation Switzerland, Abendum, Gorilla DAO and International Women’s Day

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In this week’s CoinGeek Pulse episode, we heard about Blockchain Nation Switzerland and some great news on two exciting updates within the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

First up, Switzerland. The Swiss Blockchain Federation has introduced a program called Blockchain Nation Switzerland, a four-year initiative co-funded by Innosuisse Swiss Innovation Agency that aims to provide an opportunity to launch start-ups and create new jobs. The project will focus on promoting and supporting any businesses related to blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Heinz Tännler, president of the Swiss Blockchain Federation and Government Councilor of the Canton of Zug, said in a statement, “As a pioneering nation in Blockchain technology, we have a responsibility to embrace a broad range of diversity criteria, we are looking forward to reviewing the project proposals of the talented women and men in Switzerland.”

In other news, UNISOT’s Abendum platform creates a “triple entry accounting dashboard” that could help businesses lower audit costs by more than 50%. When Bitcoin SV is added to accounting systems, a platform as such can save millions lost to corporate fraud each year. Adding “triple entry accounting” and blockchain on top of the double entry process means transactions and activities will be on a permanent ledger. 

The third record is electronic and secure and no one can manipulate the data once it’s written. What’s more, accountants and auditors can pull up complete records of everything at any given time.

Still in the BSV ecosystem. The recently launched Gorilla DAO is making waves with its APE tokens. Each Ape token costs US$1 and earns you a spot and membership in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)—the first of its kind built on BSV.

In an interview with Kurt Wuckert Jr. on the Weekly Livestream, Gorilla DAO founder and community manager Patrick Thompson explains, DAO members are capable and able to create a proposal that other members can vote on. The overall vote tells the DAO what it should do. “What the DAO does is that it’s an organization and entity that is governed by its members, it’s leaderless.”  

Capping off the episode, Stephanie mentions a CoinGeek piece written by nChain’s Chloe Tartan about Women in Blockchain and STEM. Chloe invites interested participants to sign up to attend the WiBS meetup to be held later this month in celebration of International Women’s Day 2021. To join the WiBS mailing list, click here.

YouTube video

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