The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 17

The Bitcoin Vision: Episode 17

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This week, Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen is bringing us more updates on the developments in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem—this time from Bogota, Colombia.

In this week’s edition, Nguyen focuses on the Expo Bitcoin International 2019, which took place in the Latin American city from June 19-23 at the Corferias International Convention Center. The event was organized by Colombian crypto payment processor Bitek.

The expo features a merchant marketplace offering products for sale, with Bitcoin SV (BSV) as the only payment method. During the event, attendees were given the opportunity to experience using Bitcoin in a marketplace.

Gracing the occasion were some of the most influential Bitcoin minds, including Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig S. Wright who talked about his vision of freedom. The five-day conference allowed members of the Bitcoin society as well as local cryptocurrency enthusiasts to discuss adoption and learn what Bitcoin really is.

While in Bogota, Dr. Wright was also invited to speak at the Council of Bogota where Nguyen was also present. Nguyen had the privilege of speaking to some government leaders. It was during this period that the council presented an official honor to acknowledge Dr. Wright’s work in Bitcoin as Satoshi Nakamoto.

This week’s Satoshi shout-out goes out to DrawBridge Lending, a Chicago-based company, who has chosen to expand into BSV financial products. The firm offers BSV non-recourse loans with no margin calls, allowing borrowers to keep their BSV coins while generating enough returns to pay the cost of the funds.

Meanwhile, announced that it is “ready for the next level,” which means adding Metanet decoding plugins, user subscriptions, and a feature that allows developers to charge for use. These features allow users to not only build their own decoders, but also host them on WhatsOnChain, and charge other users to use them. This way, developers get paid to create viable business models and high quality plugins, paving the way for more competition in the marketplace.

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