Armen Azatyan and Nick Numas

TDXP dances its way to the Asia-Pacific region

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Calling on traders and non-traders who want to start trading! TDXP—short for ‘truly distributed exchange protocol’—is a trading platform that is simple and easy to use. All you need is a Bitcoin SV wallet and you can start buying and selling digital currencies, commodities, stocks, indices and foreign exchange. 

So what makes TDXP different from other trading platforms? That’s what Charles Miller finds out as he speaks to TDXP CEO, Armen Azatyan, in Russia and TDXP’s marketing manager, Nick Numas, in the U.K., in this week’s CoinGeek Conversations

Armen and Nick have teamed up in pursuit of a shared a goal—to expand TDXP to a larger market. They come from diverse backgrounds, each offering a distinct set of skills. Armen has primarily worked in information technology entrepreneurship while Nick, a dance instructor with a degree in banking is focused on engaging the community.

“Going into this environment ‘the big business’ has a very serious directive,” Nick says. “I like this team and the pressure is on.” Having joined TDXP recently, Nick hasn’t been to Russia yet nor can he speak the language, but he looks forward to visiting Armen and the team one day. As marketing manager Nick is focused on engaging with communities in countries like Japan and China.

One of TDXP’s strengths is that it runs on BSV technology, Armen points out: “To trade in tiny amounts is BSV’s ability and we are grateful for the tech we can utilize.” 

TDXP has already been on a journey before arriving at the BSV solution. The company started out on Ethereum. But with Ethereum, Armen says, the fees are still high. 

On top of that, Armen points out, TDXP has distinct arrangements for its liquidity mechanism. “Key difference with TDXP is that, Ethereum is slow, they are doing spot trading. In our case, the liquidity pool is mutual for all assets and all categories, thanks to the nature of CFO or contract-for-difference model.”

What’s next for TDXP? Armen notes they’ve got big plans in the pipeline. “We will be launching a sophisticated referral program in the near future and we plan to share a significant portion of the revenue with the community and its partners.” 

Flashing a nice big smile, Nick beefs up support for the company saying, “I love this business because of their approach… trying to clean up the space, that’s what I stand for. And Bitcoin can do that.”

There’s no stopping TDXP as it plows ahead with its plans to expand to communities outside its network. Aside from having a product Armen describes as “the nicest user experience you’ll ever get with trading,” they have a new team member in Nick—whose energy and enthusiasm Armen says are rare skills advantageous to a growing company.

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