TAAL secures critical technology on the back of a US$1m licensing deal with nChain Holdings

VANCOUVER, April 20, 2020 /CNW/ – TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE:TAAL | FWB:9SQ | OTCQB:SQRMF) (“TAAL“) announces that it has entered into a strategic licensing agreement with nChain Group Holdings Ltd. (“nChain”) effective as of April 20, 2020 for ten (10) years to use key elements of their intellectual property patent portfolio (the “IP Licensing Agreement”).

Strategic Partnership

The IP Licensing Agreement with nChain provides TAAL with non-exclusive access and rights over 10 years to develop advanced blockchain transactional systems on top of nChain’s existing granted patents, pending patents and future filed patent applications in the area of specialised blockchain transaction handling, processing, storage, retrieval and display. Further, this agreement opens the door for TAAL to work even more closely with nChain to develop advanced blockchain infrastructure solutions that form the foundation of TAAL’s strategy to service the emerging growth in high volume transactions coming from business and enterprise investment in blockchain solutions. Pursuant to the IP Licensing Agreement, TAAL will pay nChain US$1,000,000 in licensing fees over the first year of the agreement.

nChain’s extensive portfolio of blockchain-related patents delivers TAAL a competitive advantage in the growing but nascent market of blockchain solutions. TAAL is committed to developing its blockchain infrastructure solutions on the Bitcoin SV network and the portfolio has been licensed to TAAL for use solely on the Bitcoin SV blockchain network.

The nChain Group includes a blockchain research and development centre based in the UK, that focuses on the original Satoshi Nakamoto blockchain protocol and designs that are embodied in the Bitcoin SV platform. In addition to an expansive portfolio of patents, the nChain Group has further enhanced its leadership position in blockchain development through a recently completed acquisition of CREA, a blockchain development firm from Slovenia, establishing nChain as a powerhouse in terms of blockchain development and solutions. TAAL sees nChain and its portfolio as key to executing on some of TAAL’s strategic objectives relating to expanding the use of blockchain infrastructure, transaction processing, and cloud computing solutions which leverage blockchain to deliver innovative solutions to traditional markets. 

With this IP Licensing Agreement, TAAL has taken another important step towards assembling the necessary components to deliver novel and unique solutions in blockchain processing on the Bitcoin SV platform, which TAAL expects to become an important revenue stream as the impacts of the further halving of block subsidies occurs again in 2024. 

This transaction is consistent with TAAL’s decoupling of its historical “mining” operations, from being entirely dependent on block reward subsidies which are impacted by the network reward halving every 210,000 blocks. TAAL sees that the future of transaction processing on the Bitcoin SV blockchain is transaction fee and services based and TAAL is finalising a 5-year infrastructure roadmap which it expects to communicate to the market later in 2020.

About TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. 

TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE:TAAL) delivers value-added blockchain services, providing professional-grade, highly scalable blockchain infrastructure and transactional platforms to support businesses building solutions and applications upon the Bitcoin SV platform, and developing, operating, and managing distributed computing systems for enterprise users. 

About nChain Group Holdings Ltd.

nChain Group Holdings Ltd is a leading provider of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, helping businesses and organizations realize and protect the value of their data. nChain is based in London and boasts one of the largest teams of blockchain developers globally and a leading portfolio of novel blockchain IP. nChain is committed to helping clients maintain competitive advantage in business through more efficient management of data. 

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