Subba & Veritas announce reviews verification partnership

A blockchain-based token system that verifies fan reviews and rewards fans for engagement

New York, US – October 28th, 2021 – Subba & Veritas (part of the Britevue Group) are joining forces to provide a BSV Blockchain enabled token system designed to verify fan reviews.  In addition to the blockchain enabled verification service, the token system also rewards fans through a highly scalable gamification program to help artists and event organizers drive further engagement with their fans/customers.

Veritas’ technology further underpins Subba’s mission of providing a community of trusted fan reviews to help other fans make the most informed purchase decisions possible when it comes to buying festival and show tickers.  At point of purchase a token is issued verifying the customer’s ticket so any subsequent reviews can be linked to the ticket and therefore identified as “real”.  This will enable Subba to provide another level of trust to qualify reviews of the event. Furthermore, due to Veritas’ technology, the system also provides multi-level fan data and a rewards program so our partners can increase ticket sales while dramatically reducing marketing and promotion costs.

Connor Murray, CEO of Veritas said: “We are thrilled to partner with Subba as we begin to integrate the Veritas platform into various industries. As a frequent concert goer and music fanatic, Subba’s platform is something I am very enthusiastic about and we are excited to bring authenticity and transparency to their event reviews.”

The Veritas technology will underpin Subba’s partnerships with a number of the biggest ticketing platforms around the world, while providing customers with further reassurance that the event reviews are genuine and honest accounts of fan experiences.

Mark Jennings, Subba’s Founder & CEO said: “This is a big milestone for Subba and I’m hugely excited to be working with Connor and the Veritas team.  We are sometimes asked about the validation or authenticity of the user generated reviews featuring on Subba, Veritas’ technology not only answers these questions but it does so much more.  It will enable Subba (and our ticketing partners) with the ability to further reassure fans that their purchase decisions are the right ones, along with rewarding them for their purchases.  This is a game changer for the wider industry.”

More about Subba:

Subba’s platform focuses on user generated reviews of music and festivals… like a TripAdvisor/Yelp/Rotten Tomatoes for live and recorded music. Subba is open to everyone to review all genres of music and live experiences and currently publishes over 10,000 fan reviews a year, covering more than 3,000 artists and nearly 150 festivals from around the world.

Why fan reviews… because fans are no longer passive consumers, they are active co-creators and now more than ever want their opinions heard.  Fan reviews receive much higher levels of engagement when compared to traditional media, with the democratization of reviews content significantly helping artists/festivals and event organizers to reduce their marketing costs as there is no longer one authoritative taste-makers voice. 

Fan reviews also help other fans to make purchase decisions for tickets (shows & festivals) and encourage music and event discovery.  Subba works with leading ticketing partners to provide fans with multiple ticket options at point of purchase.

About Veritas

Veritas is a patent-pending service to link online reviews to verified sales and usage. The Veritas platform is available for anyone to integrate with and utilizes blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of reviews. Veritas also allows for businesses to lock up rewards that consumers can earn upon leaving a verified review, providing a further incentive for consumers to grow your digital footprint.

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