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Stephan Nilsson talks UNISOT, SeafoodChain & BSV enterprise use on VOTCast

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Stephan Nilsson had been working as an SAP consultant for over two decades. In that time, he had discovered that one of the biggest challenges for companies was exchanging information in a secure, efficient and cost-effective way.

“I was looking for a solution to this problem for a long time and I couldn’t really find it, until one day I read this whitepaper from a guy called Satoshi Nakamoto about Bitcoin. It just blew my mind and I knew that was the solution to the problem.”

This was when Nilsson said he decided to change course and devote himself to enabling enterprises to integrate the Bitcoin blockchain into their operations. As he shared recently in his interview with the Nordic Podcast, he went on to become the founder of UNISOT, a supply chain company based in Norway. Nilsson talked about how his company’s flagship product SeafoodChain is changing the seafood industry, why only Bitcoin SV is ready for enterprise use and what’s in the future for blockchain technology.

Nilsson first read the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2010 and was immediately hooked. However, in the years that would follow, he watched as a cartel of developers took over and veered off from Satoshi’s vision, making Bitcoin impractical as a data ledger or electronic cash. With its rebirth as Bitcoin SV, it has restored this vision, making it enterprise ready with unbounded scalability and a stable protocol.

“When that [Bitcoin SV] started in 2018, I realized that now I had the possibility to actually use the Bitcoin blockchain technology for enterprise purposes. This was when we started the company, UNISOT,” he explained.

He has since then grown the company from an initial workforce of three people to 17, with five in his native Norway and the rest spanning across other countries in Europe. The company focuses on integrating Bitcoin into supply chains, availing traceability across the entire chain. The first industry it focused on was seafood, Norway’s second-largest industry.

Its flagship product is SeafoodChain, a solution that tracks seafood from the source to the consumer. Despite seafood being a multi-billion dollar industry, there still exists a great disconnect between the different components of the supply chain. SeafoodChain brings these components together, allowing the participants to append data along every other stage of the supply chain that can be verified on the immutable Bitcoin blockchain.

Nilsson observed that blockchain technology is gradually taking over. Initially, the large multinationals were fully against it as they saw it as a disruption. However, every other major company is working on a blockchain pilot. Conversely, he warns that most of these are building their own private ledgers to solve challenges they can with Bitcoin.

“So many people are coming up with solutions that Bitcoin already solved back in 2008, because they don’t understand Bitcoin, and that it’s working. We’re proving it to them now that Bitcoin works.”

Nilsson further listed the four properties that an enterprise must look out for before deciding which blockchain to integrate. These are security, scalability, stability and cost-efficiency. Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain network that offers all these, making it the only enterprise-ready blockchain.

“For me, blockchain is the most important invention in our lifetime,” he concluded.

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YouTube video

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