Squire establishes advisory board

Squire establishes advisory board

Vancouver, British Columbia; December 12, 2018 – Squire Mining Ltd. (CSE:SQR | FWB:9SQ | OTCQB:SQRMF) (“Squire” or the “Company”) announces that it has established an advisory board of industry experts to broaden the Company’s expertise and keep abreast of developing trends in the rapidly evolving fields of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. To this end, the Company has appointed Jimmy Nguyen and Dr. Craig S. Wright as inaugural members of the Company’s advisory board.

Jimmy Nguyen is the founding President of the bComm Association, the first-ever organization dedicated to bCommerce (Bitcoin commerce). The bComm Association brings together developers, merchants, exchanges, miners and other Bitcoin network participants and is dedicated to educating about why massive on-chain scaling through Bitcoin SV is important not just for merchants and application developers, but also for the mining industry in general. Mr. Nguyen will head the industry group as it provides global support for Bitcoin SV, as the key to long-term financial success for all participants in the inter-related Bitcoin ecosystem.

Craig Wright is the Chief Scientist for nChain, known for global leadership in blockchain and bitcoin research, and possesses an intimate knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin’s technical and economic workings as well as its future potential. 

Together, Jimmy and Craig are expected to provide Squire with invaluable insight and advice on current and future developments and trends in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem and the broader cryptocurrency and blockchain industries in general.

About Squire Mining Ltd.

Squire  is  a  Canadian  based  company  engaged,  through  its  subsidiaries, in  the  business  of  developing data mining infrastructure and system technology to support global blockchain applications in the mining space  including  application  specific  integrated  circuit  (ASIC)  chips  and  next  generation  mining  rigs  to mine Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Core and other associated cryptocurrencies.

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Taras Kulyk, JD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, Director
Telephone: +1 (604) 260-6142

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