SouthXchange won't fall in the trap, continues BSV support

SouthXchange won’t fall in the trap, continues BSV support

Several cryptocurrency exchanges have recently made the decision to drop support for Bitcoin SV (BSV), ostensibly because it hasn’t continued to meet the exchanges’ listing criteria. If that were the real reason, the majority of the cryptocurrencies on the market today would be dropped. The real reason why Binance, Kraken and others have decided—possibly illegally—to no longer support BSV is because of childish retaliation against Dr. Craig Wright for his assertion that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Fortunately, there are some exchanges that aren’t falling for the elementary school playground antics and won’t change their position. One of these is the Argentina-based crypto exchange SouthXchange.

SouthXchange confirmed in a tweet, “Official statement regarding Bitcoin SV: Coins are delisted mostly due to technical reasons. At the moment BSV meets our listing criteria, so it will remain listed in SouthXchange.”

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, admitted that he was moving to delist BSV over Wright’s assertions. Kraken and ShapeShift both decided to join his gang and remove BSV, as well. Curiously enough, all three are involved in some type of litigation or disputes. Kraken is being sued by a former employee over allegations he wasn’t paid according to an agreement and has also come under fire for possibly offering services in New York without a license.

Binance has been accused of manipulating prices on its exchange on more than one occasion. It has plans to introduce a decentralized exchange (DEX), which were recently found to have the presence of bots that can manipulate prices. The company has also been sued for breach of contract and has refused to grant access to its financial statements.

ShapeShift has seen its trading volumes drop significantly as a result of decisions made within the organization and by its founder, Erik Voorhees. ShapeShift, as well as Kraken, are also involved in a major lawsuit alleging extreme price manipulation during the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) last year.

It seems like the only exchanges that have decided to drop BSV are those that have a personal grudge against some facet of the digital currency’s space. As pointed out by FRNT Financial in Toronto, Canada, the move is setting a “bad precedent” and could lead to greater manipulation. The company asserts, “If a coin can be delisted due to some not approving of a community / person’s legal activities, what’s to say that a similar narrative cannot be created in the future simply to support a malicious actor’s monetary interest.”

Fortunately, there are those that get the bigger picture and don’t succumb to the immaturity displayed by certain individuals. BSV, the original and only true Bitcoin, lives on and will flourish.

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