Samsung SDS using blockchain technology with new cloud service

Samsung SDS using blockchain technology with new cloud service

According to a press release, Samsung SDS, the IT subsidiary of Samsung, announced on June 18 that they were launching three new products using blockchain technology. These new technologies will specifically address client concerns related to the technology itself, according to the press release.

Whenever a company develops new platforms and applications using blockchain technology, consumers become concerned about three primary areas, which are referred to as the 3Cs. This includes convergence, connectivity, and cloud.

Samsung has been quick to recognize this. Within the press release, they explained that the company is adopting this new technology looking to converge their services to better connect businesses across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, government, finance, healthcare, and logistics.

As part of this new program, they intend to create technology that will converge the healthcare and finance industries in their new “Automatic Insurance Claim Service,” which is expected to be out in August. This new platform was built by the Samsung SDS in collaboration with insurance companies, medical institutions, and digital healthcare companies.

As new technology platforms are designed and created using blockchain applications, this brings about the second C. To demonstrate how they have improved connectivity, Samsung SDS introduced their new pilot project which will directly connect China’s Tianjin Airport and Korea’s Incheon Airport air cargo services using blockchain networks.

These first two Cs will gain greater efficiency using cloud technology. In fact, the new cloud technology designed by the subsidiary will focus on all of the major industries as mentioned related to convergence.

The Samsung SDS cloud service uses the Nexledger Universal. This allows customers to use the cloud environment without having to install a separate application. Explained Jeanie Hong, Senior Vice President, Leader of Blockchain Center at Samsung SDS, “We will expand our blockchain business with cloud-based Nexledger Universal to support enterprise customers’ digital transformations.”

This vision is not far off from becoming reality. In the release, Samsung made a formal pledge that they would be building on their blockchain presence within a week. They fully intend to use their developing technology to meet client concerns related to the 3Cs.

“When companies apply blockchain technology to their business, they have concerns on Converging services across various industries, connecting different blockchain technologies […] easy application and expansion of blockchain in a timely manner,” the press release explains.

Samsung has increasingly become invested in the use of blockchain technology. In May they completed an initial round of funding to support their new video network using this technology. A month earlier the company announced that they were working on new technology in the hopes of launching their own cryptocurrency.

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