Samsung files patent for blockchain-compatible SSD

Samsung files patent for blockchain-compatible SSD

Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has seen its latest blockchain patent application unveiled Tuesday, covering a programmable, blockchain-compatible SSD.

As reported by news outlet Decenter, the firm filed a patent for the “programmable blockchain solid state drive and switch” back in January, the documents from which have been made public for the first time on Tuesday.

There are few details available about the system or how it would work, but it’s expected to be used in improving the performance of blockchain-ready storage devices, including extending the useful lifespan of blockchain-compatible hardware.

According to the documentation, Samsung intends to use Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) to improve the efficiency of processing compared to standard ASIC mining devices. Unlike ASICs, however, FPGAs can be reprogrammed to take account of different algorithms, making them a more flexible choice for blockchain-ready devices.

The news is only the latest blockchain technology to be patented by the electronics manufacturer, with Samsung amongst the world’s leading firms for registering blockchain IP.

In the last few weeks, Samsung has been rolling out new products with crypto features enabled, including an ever greater range of crypto compatibility across its leading smartphone ranges.

Just last month, the firm included Pundi X’s XWallet app within its Samsung Blockchain Wallet, in addition to a selection of some 30 other cryptocurrencies, which can now be accessed readily by device users.

With a global consumer reach, greater integration of crypto within Samsung and other large electronics firms is considered one of the most likely ways of driving mainstream user adoption for crypto.

Tuesday’s news shows Samsung continuing to take blockchain seriously, with the firm continuing to invest in research and development around the technology and its applications.

The patent application puts Samsung alongside other world leading firms in tech, finance and beyond, with many continuing to file for patents covering new implementations of blockchain tech and supporting hardware.

With the blockchain SSD patent covering a device that could mean significant changes for blockchain-ready storage, this is but one of the many ways Samsung is envisaging using blockchain tech in future within its devices.

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