Robin Kohze: We are fighting for a spot in the next generation of technology

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What do Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin have in common? Aside from great success, these tech innovators pursued higher education while setting up a business. Much like Robin Kohze, CEO of Vaionex—a company that specializes in solutions at the nexus of data science and blockchain technology—who is currently completing a PhD in genetics at Cambridge University.

On this week’s CoinGeek Conversations, Robin tells Charles Miller that while working on his academic and entrepreneurial activities simultaneously is a challenge, it keeps his ambitions aligned: “I can always transfer the experience from one field to the next.” For instance, Robin studies pattern recognition in genomics, a skill which he hopes to bring to the Bitcoin economy. “When you’re in genetics, you realize that it’s a very complex structure that constantly interacts and changes,” he says. “In the Bitcoin world we have a real opportunity to fine tune, optimize our worldwide economic system.”

Robin also founded the Cambridge University Metanet Society which seeks to educate about and promote the powerful capabilities of Bitcoin SV. “What the Metanet society is about and what Vaionex is about,” Robin explains, “is creating a funnel to bring developers, non-developers and future developers into the space, creating their own applications and reimagining.”

Currently, Vaionex operates five platforms—Satolearn, Raspora, Metashard, ApiAndMe, and Blockcodes. Charles jumped at the opportunity to complete Satolearn’s wallet workshop. “What was innovative about it,” Charles says, “is that you actually interact with blockchain during the workshop itself and real things happen on the blockchain.” It’s a feature that’s quite unique from other learning platforms.

In the interview, Robin was happy to announce that Vaionex is working with the University of Exeter to integrate the Satolearn platform within its FinTech MSc program. The workshop, as he explains will teach “students how to write applications with the BSV Blockchain… some will be asked to create an actual product to be submitted as a Master’s thesis.”

In addition to offering training with Satolearn, Robin has relaunched the Bitcoin SV Developers website which will provide anyone with the opportunity to connect with builders in the ecosystem. It’s “a kind of dictionary of all the developers in the [BSV] ecosystem all linked to their respective tools and their companies …I think that would be a uniting presence in the work that everyone can be led to.”

Vaionex aims to someday be a globally recognized, best in class blockchain service provider. Robin believes it will take group effort, doing less talk and more work to achieve this. “I think we are fighting for our spot in the next generation of technology and that’s what is often referred to as proof of work in the ecosystem, that everyone just shows what they can do without talking too much about what they will do soon in the future. It’s more about actually doing it and offerings of value that enriches everyone’s experience.”

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