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Robin Kohze talks Relysia and scale of Vaionex development work on CoinGeek NYC sponsor spotlight

With the CoinGeek Conference in New York right around the corner, CoinGeek caught up with Robin Kohze of event sponsor Vaionex, to find out more about their work, and the latest goings on at the company.

Vaionex is a Bitcoin services company, developing apps powered by the BSV blockchain. Robin Kohze is the CEO and founder of Vaionex Corporation, and also a Cambridge PhD student with interests in Big Data Analysis, Cancer Genomics and Biochemistry.

Asked about recent projects underway at the company, Kohze said Vaionex had been working on Relysia, a new Bitcoin wallet infrastructure capable of powering more flexible mobile digital currency wallets.

Kohze said the Relysia wallet was special in that it was able to support every token protocol, while abstracting all fees away from the users. “Relysia changes the paradigm of first generation wallets that were just simple tools to transmit bitcoin transactions. We opened our architecture up to all competing token protocols in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem and let the user decide their preference. We moreover identified a key aspect of every token support, the ability to remove transaction costs from the user to not require them to hold any of the base currency the protocol runs on.”

Noting the scale of the development work under way at Vaionex, Kohze said the developer team was now one of the largest within the BSV ecosystem.

“We grew over the last months from a company of 7 to one of 25 developers, to support not only internal products but also to build a variety of client applications. The blockchain economy always forced startups to adapt at breathtaking rates, or otherwise fail, and we are keen to be part of exciting times, ” he said.

On the value of CoinGeek Conferences, of which Kohze and Vaionex are regular attendees, he said it provides the perfect environment for contributors from across the BSV ecosystem to come together and share ideas, with a mutual goal of mass global adoption.

“In the early Bitcoin days, New York was always known as an epicenter of blockchain adoption. Being a global financial hub makes it culturally a place that embraces new technology and approaches, especially when they fit into existing compliance regulations. Bitcoin is a technology that reduces economic friction and thus generates new productivity venues. New York is a city that will embrace those new technological advances once sufficiently explained to a larger audience,” he said.

“I recommend the CoinGeek conference for everyone who wants to get a greater picture of what it actually means to create real world utility blockchain products. I would recommend it especially to businesses that really want to get a clearer picture of what it could mean to integrate Blockchain systems into your existing products, but of course, also novel product categories,” Kohze added.

Catch Robin Kohze on Day 2 of the CoinGeek New York conference, where he will present, “Relysia: Enterprise Wallet Solutions for Bitcoin.” Register here for free to attend the CoinGeek Conference.

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