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Rachael Brady of NFT project ‘Molly Match’ talks to CoinGeek Weekly Livestream

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Rachael Brady, the co-founder of Real World BSV, is launching a new NFT project called Molly Match, where users can own and breed their own digital cat or kitten. The Genesis cat NFT is linked to a transaction ID that will allow its owner to track it on-chain. 

“We generate the cats from a program that takes a couple of digits from the transaction ID, and I think we’re going to call that genetic power or genetic engineering,” Brady explains to host Kurt Wuckert Jr. on this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream

The generative NFT will also include interesting features such as breeding. As Wuckert points out, the breeding aspect is exciting. “If you’re breeding purebred cats, like that as a separate business model and you’re duplicating it essentially on the blockchain.” 

As for utility, Brady explains users can profit from simply breeding and selling the NFTs. “If people are going to be breeding their cats, they can sell them on a market and that’s going to make them money,” she says. 

Brady wants people to simply have fun when owning a Molly Match NFT. “We want to make it special where it’s something that you want to check in on and interact with.” The cat will be able to change its background depending on where the owner is in real-time. “When you’re in Ohio right now, when you check on your cat, the background will show snow and then, say you travel to Florida, then it’s a nice, sunny day,” she explains.

Molly Match will also post everyone’s cats on their website, allowing users to compare NFTs. Brady revealed they may add a feature that will allow users to alter their cat’s genetics, such as changing their cat’s eye color for a small fee.

Molly Match also plans to release JSONchain, an open-source program that will allow NFT creators to mint images on or off-chain. Initially, the team wanted to use the RUN protocol but later changed their minds. “We didn’t want all of the images to be on the blockchain. We knew we want to change it, so we’re making our own program,” she explains.

Brady’s programming background comes from the work she did at Linux. Her interest in the digital currency industry in the United States led her to start Molly Match, where she is currently working with other female developers. She did not mention an exact release date for Molly Match but says it will be launching soon. 

Brady said, “We’re planning for the second quarter of this year, and pretty soon we’re going to have the user sign up ready or registration ready. People can log in and then they can have an email notification whenever something pops up.” For questions and/or inquiries, you can get in touch with Rachael on Discord. 

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