Kurt Wuckert Jr. and Mr. Scatman

Project ANNE creator Mr Scatman joins CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 22

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Project ANNE creator Lukas, also known to many by his Twitter handle Mr. Scatman, joins Kurt Wuckert Jr. in this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream.

Lukas describes himself as a latecomer in the Bitcoin space. He recalls learning about Bitcoin in 2017—the same year BTC split to BCH. It was around the same time that he began posting video memes on Twitter as a way of self-expression. A firm believer of the original Bitcoin protocol, Lukas was inclined to share his views about the network split—a move that drew the ire of the BTC camp. His intention, as he explains, was to invoke thought regardless of which side of the story people chose to believe. “All the memes and things that were created with intent to tell a story.”

Lukas, who revealed his true identity to the public in the latter part of 2020, is perceived by some as ‘cryptic’— a word also suited to describe the work he does on Project ANNE (Awareness Neural Net Explorer). At the most basic level, Lukas describes ANNE as a data storage protocol that enables a data platform. In the protocol, he refers to Bitcoin addresses as neurons. He defends the rationale to Kurt by purporting the neuron to be more than just an address. “It starts out as an address because it now has a spot that I can always refer to it with.” By definition, a neuron transmits information between different areas of the brain, and between the brain and the rest of the nervous system, much like how the ANNE neuron functions within the protocol. As Lukas explains, “I can connect to it [neuron] and reference it in relationships and in a standardized way, in a standardized schema.”

Lukas comes from an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) background. He admits the work on Project ANNE began several years before he learned about Bitcoin. “It just so happens that Bitcoin became available, and it’s got beautiful indexes, I can marry Satoshi to data, which is just very enabling for the product at scale and monetizing it and making incentives.”

Moving forward, Lukas is firm on staying true to Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision. For his part, BSV is superior in technology compared to other blockchains in the Bitcoin ecosystem. “If you are unbiased and you come and look at this and you look at the technology, look at what BSV is capable of doing, just look at the technology that was created, it’s superior.”

Project ANNE which is built on the BSV blockchain is currently unavailable to the public.

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