Poste Italiane joins Hyperledger blockchain

Poste Italiane joins Hyperledger blockchain

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Poste Italiane, the Italian postal service provider, is joining the 21st century. It has joined the Hyperledger blockchain community, reports Cointelegraph’s Italian outlet.

In a press release, the postal service announced that it was joining Hyperledger as a part of its Deliver 2022 Business plan. That plan specifically calls for the adoption of new technology.

Specifically, they hope that by moving to a blockchain system, it will bolster their data protection. They wrote that it would provide “an effective response to the problems of security, transparency, interoperability and privacy.”

Hyperledger is a collection of over 150 organizations. Their goal as a group is to develop standards and protocols for enterprise adoption of blockchain technology. The group already has YDreams, IBM, Intel, Fujitsu, FedEx, JP Morgan, Deloitte, American Express, and Daimler as members.

When FedEx, the American courier service giant, joined Hyperledger, their Services Senior Vice President for IT, Kevin Humphries, was quoted as saying, “We believe that blockchain has big implications in supply chain, transportation and logistics.” Those same benefits could potentially apply to Poste Italiane, which serves to benefit for all the same reasons, as postal service and courier services have quite a lot in common.

This is yet another step by Italy towards blockchain adoption and development. Earlier this month, the Italian Senate went ahead and added blockchain definitions to their laws, effectively creating regulation for the industry. Speculation at the time was that such a move would spur on blockchain development by giving more confidence to Italian companies to use the technology without fear of government crackdown.

As the Italian government works to further promote blockchain understanding amongst the public, the benefits of using distributed ledger technology will become much more clear. With the Italian postal service now getting in on the game as well, a business which is partially owned by the government and touches the lives of nearly all Italians, the strengths of using blockchain technology will become even more apparent, and help to drive more enterprises towards adoption.

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