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Post-press note: Successful conclusion of the “Transforming Public Utilities: Blockchain Use-Cases over Digital Infrastructure Aligning G20 Agenda” conference

New Delhi, September 2, 2023

The “Transforming Public Utilities: Blockchain Use-Cases over Digital Infrastructure Aligning G20 Agenda” conference, held on September 1, 2023, at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi, was a resounding success, bringing together esteemed experts, leaders, and enthusiasts in the field of blockchain technology.

A Diverse Array of Speakers: The conference featured an impressive lineup of speakers representing various sectors, including TRAI, STPI, TCIL, Serenity Shield, CDAC, TEC, IIM Lucknow, HyperLedger Foundation, Gaia Smart Cities, Bharat Web3 Association, Ministry of Defence, Indian Navy, and IEEE. Their collective wisdom and insights made this conference an invaluable platform for sharing knowledge and discussing the future of blockchain.

Honoring Contributions: We extend our gratitude to Shri Pradeep Gandhi, Ex MP, Rajnandgaon, Chattisgarh, for his significant contributions during the conference. His discussion on the white paper “Gyanvahini” by the Blockchain for Productivity Forum and his message of “Vasudev Kutumbkam” emphasized the importance of global collaboration and unity.

Key Messages from Our Chairman: Dr. Satya Narain Gupta, Chairman of the Blockchain for Productivity Forum, delivered an inspiring message centered on “One Earth, One Family, and One Blockchain.” The Forum’s motto, “Universal Blockchain,” was underscored as he drew parallels with the Prime Minister’s vision of “3D” (Democracy, Demography, and Diversify), emphasizing that these qualities are inherent in blockchain technology. Dr. Gupta also shed light on the positive impact of AI applications, highlighting that they will generate more jobs than they replace. He passionately expressed his belief that blockchain will elevate traditional white-collar jobs to “gold-collar” positions. Dr. Gupta also paid tribute to his mentor, Professor KK Agarwal of NIT Kurukshetra, the world’s youngest professor.

Insights from Industry Leaders:

  • Devesh Tyagi, Senior Director of STPI and CEO of NIXI, shared valuable insights into India’s thriving startup ecosystem, revealing that over 20 startups are supported by STPI nationwide. He celebrated the recent establishment of the Center of Entrepreneurs for Blockchain in Gurugram and lauded India’s pioneering efforts in adopting IPv6 and UPI.
  • Mahendra Srivastva, Principal Advisor (CA, QoS, IT) at TRAI, discussed Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) rules and regulations. He highlighted that blockchain adoption will streamline KYC processes and enhance call registry functionalities.
  • Dr. KV Damodran, CEO of the Blockchain for Productivity Forum, emphasized how blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize industries such as finance, supply chain management, and healthcare. Its decentralized, secure, and transparent nature makes it suitable for governments, enterprises, and startups alike.
  • Dr. Akhil Damodran, Dean of IILM University, Noida, praised the conference as a gathering of great minds to brainstorm blockchain use cases.
  • Venu Borra, Board Member of the Blockchain For Productivity Forum, stressed the importance of conferences as platforms for blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to collaborate.
  • Varuni Triwedi, Editor-in-Chief of Voice of Crypto, shared her insights, praising the conference’s top-notch speakers and their thought-provoking discussions. She considered it a true showcase of India’s capabilities in emerging technology.
  • Dr. Shiv Kumar, Director General of the Blockchain For Productivity Forum highlighted India’s potential to become a blockchain innovation hub, given its vast population, high-quality talent pool, rapid digital economy growth, and digital infrastructure initiatives.
  • Vikas Singla, Administrative and PR Manager of the Blockchain For Productivity Forum, affirmed that blockchain adoption aligns with India’s vision of becoming a $5 trillion economy and a global leader, echoing the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Conference Highlights: The conference was divided into three Panel Discussions, a Briefing Session on Forum Activities, and a Technical Session. These sessions provided comprehensive insights into the transformative potential of blockchain in public utilities.

A Bright Future for Blockchain: The Blockchain for Productivity Forum remains committed to accelerating progress in blockchain technology and executing social projects through innovative solutions. Chairman Dr. Satya Narain Gupta, who authored the “Blockchain Chalisa,” envisions a future where India is recognized as “Sona ka hathi” (Gold Elephant) due to its mastery of blockchain technology. The Forum is determined to expand its global presence, and this conference marked a significant step in that direction. All participants were awarded NFT Certificates as tokens of participation, and the Forum proudly launched the Web3 Skilling Project, aimed at benefiting students, government employees, and private sector professionals.

The success of this conference is a testament to the dedication, vision, and collaboration of all participants in shaping a blockchain-powered future.

Please note that this post-press note is a summary of the conference proceedings and its outcomes.

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