Playboy to accept cryptocurrency for adult content

Playboy to accept cryptocurrency for adult content

Playboy TV has come a long way from when it was first introduced in 1982 as The Playboy Channel. At the time, it had a limited number of broadcast deals, was on the air for only 10 hours a day and transmitted R-rated films. Now, Playboy is one of the world’s most popular adult channels, is found around the world and broadcasts a variety of content 24 hours a day. And soon, Playboy will begin allowing customers to pay for its adult content with cryptocurrency.

The network will begin by accepting the Vice Industry Token (VIT) before moving onto accept other coins. VIT is specifically designed for adult content and incorporates a utility to track user engagement over its blockchain. There is currently an initial coin offering (ICO) underway for VIT, which ends in just over five days.

Playboy TV is owned by MindGeek, a Luxembourg-based company that centers on Internet pornography. It operates the channel through a licensing agreement with Playboy Enterprises. Playboy TV can be found by cable and satellite TV providers in the United States, various countries in Europe, Latin America, and Japan, among others.

Aside from being a cryptocurrency, VIT is also a video entertainment platform that promises to reward everyone who accesses it. From video producers to viewers, everyone will get a piece of the action every time they log onto the network.

VIT is led by several professionals with long careers in broadcasting and adult cinema. Stuart Duncan and Kelly Holland are just two of the company’s leaders tasked with keeping the ship in top shape, and pushing VIT forward. If Holland’s name sounds familiar, it could be because she is the owner of Penthouse Broadcast.

Playboy TV said that it will also have its own crypto wallet ready to launch by the end of the year. That wallet will eventually be integrated into all of Playboy’s businesses, including gaming, and augmented and virtual reality. Reena Patel, COO of Licensing and Media for Playboy said, “As the popularity of alternative payment methods continues to grow around the world, along with the reach Playboy’s digital platforms, we felt it was important to give our 100 million monthly consumers increased payment flexibility.”

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