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Philippine Blockchain Week to offset 500 tons of carbon footprint through KlimaDAO

Philippine Blockchain Week aims to be a carbon-neutral event by partnering with KlimaDAO to offset its carbon footprint.

KlimaDAO will facilitate the retirement of 500 tons of carbon for the seven-day event. It has been calculated that the event itself will have a carbon footprint of 228 tons of carbon dioxide, factoring in the emissions derived from the event, including food, event activities, as well as flights and hotel stays.

KlimaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that is driving the development of the Voluntary Carbon Market by building infrastructure that makes the market more transparent and accessible. By utilizing carbon credits, which are hosted on the Polygon blockchain, users can offset their emissions in just a few clicks using the KlimaDAO Retirement Aggregator.

“KlimaDAO is building public, open infrastructure, that anybody can use to manage their carbon footprint. Given that the carbon markets are here to support investment into the planet, we think the transparency and efficiency of our technology is a significant and important step forward. Fundamentally, this technology will maximize investment into the planet, by prioritizing market transparency and accessibility for customers and carbon project developers alike.” Alex Taylor of KlimaDAO said.

In participating in PBW2022, Taylor said they would like to demonstrate how easy blockchain technology is to use, and showcase some of the most innovative and impactful Web3 technology that has been developed to-date.

Dr. Donald Lim, the lead convenor of the Philippine Blockchain Week, said that KlimaDAO is just one of the many examples of how blockchain can improve lives.

“KlimaDAO is an important partner of this event. This partnership is a reminder that we can achieve progress but not at the expense of the environment. We must always take into consideration the impact of our business to nature and how we can help ease the problem of climate change,” he said.

Dr. Lim reiterated that the Philippines could benefit a lot from blockchain and has the edge among its Southeast Asian neighbors to be the capital of Web3 technology. The country has 73 million plus internet users and has the most crypto wallet downloads in the world in 2021.

“There are many things to learn about blockchain and how it can be used in banking, arts and culture, the environment, and such. And what’s great about this technology is its transparency. Blockchain may be difficult to define, but it’s easy to get into. With the Philippine Blockchain Week, we hope to immerse Filipinos in this technology to see its benefits, including how we can use it to address the impact of climate change” Dr. Lim said.

 The Philippine Blockchain Week is powered by the following major sponsors 1inch, Tetrix, NChain, GCash,, DVCode, Ark of Dream, iPay88, and Maya.

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About KlimaDAO

KlimaDAO is an on-chain scaling solution for the Voluntary Carbon Market. KlimaDAO aims to open up the market to greater transparency and efficiency by combining tokenized carbon credits with a blockchain-enabled technology stack.

If you are interested in participating in KlimaDAO’s governance process, join the Forum. If you are a business looking to offset your carbon footprint, get started here.

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