OneCoin scammers show no remorse, look to profit off upcoming TV show

As far as cryptocurrency scams go, OneCoin’s story is one of the more fascinating. What virtually everyone considers to be nothing more than a large Ponzi scheme has bewildered the crypto community as the company’s founder, Ruja Ignatova, is still on the run and her brother, Konstantin Ignato, is in custody in the US. So popular is the story that BBC is planning on turning it into a documentary. That isn’t too surprising, but what is remarkable is that OneCoin promoters are taking advantage of the news about the show to try to boost support for their scamming ways.

Jamie Bartlett, who is presenting the show, pointed out the complete lack of morals and ethics on the part of one OneCoin scammer, Kamran Hye, on Twitter. Hye was promoting a YouTube video that is meant to draw attention to the ONE ecosystem and its DealShaker platform, and asserts in his promotion attempts, “As I always stated that the demand for the ONE is out there as well as our DealShaker (DS) platform from those that wishes [sic[ to continue making their steady earnings in such time of inevitable financial crash!”

A look at Hye’s Twitter feed shows a constant chain of attempts to portray OneCoin in a positive light, despite the fact that it has already been recognized as a scam. Perhaps he can’t help himself, though. As “Vicki” said in response to Bartlett’s post, “a true scammer / grifter will always work every angle to their angle.”

The fact that OneCoin has been identified as a possible Ponzi scheme and scam that was investigated by regulators and law enforcement departments in several countries should have been enough of a warning to keep those related to the project out of the headlines. Apparently, Hye didn’t get the memo, though, and his repeated attention-grabbing social media efforts will undoubtedly bring him into the saga with a potentially unpleasant outcome.

Curiously, Hye has an entry on his LinkedIn profile page encouraging honesty. He states, “I wished [sic] everyone to be as realistic as possible, know that the truth does come out when you check everything around you! This Government saved us from Bankruptcy and corruption continuing in the whole of UK.”

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