OneCoin lawyer was paid $50 million to launder funds

OneCoin lawyer allegedly received $50M to launder funds

The prosecution of attorney Mark Scott for his role in the OneCoin Pyramid scheme continues to reveal incredible new information. On November 20, we learned just how much he helped the scams founder, Ruja Ignatova, laundering as much as $400 million.

The last phase of Scott’s trial has revealed that he received $50 million from Ignatova, delivered as payment for his money laundering assistance, Law360 reports. He allegedly did so using a network of fake companies, offshore bank accounts and fraudulent investment schemes.

In addition to the $50 million payment, Scott also received a 57-foot yacht, three homes in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and several luxury cars, including three Porsches and a Ferrari.

In defense of all this, Scott’s attorney is attempting to build a case that his client simply didn’t know OneCoin was a scam. He’s previously tried to rope Neil Bush into this, son and brother to the former U.S. Presidents. As Neil Bush had a deal on the table with OneCoin, they argued, it created an idea for Scott that OneCoin couldn’t possibly be a criminal organization.

That becomes a much harder argument to swallow when Scott was receiving luxurious gifts and millions in payment for money laundering. As a lawyer himself, he had to have some clue of what was going on. His colleagues at Locke Lord, his former law firm, can certainly identify a crime when they see it and want no part of him anymore. A spokesperson wrote:

Scott, who was with our firm for a little over a year, was charged by the federal government with money laundering almost two years after his departure. We were not aware of his individual activities outside of the firm, and we have been fully cooperating and working with government authorities.

OneCoin is allegedly the biggest pyramid scheme and exit scam in the digital currency space. Investigators allege leads of the scam made off with $4 billion of their customers money, but that number could be much higher once all details are revealed.

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